Watch detained Hamas terrorists captured in Gaza

Suspected members of Hamas heed IDF warnings and surrender in the dozens, are stripped down to ensure they do not have explosive devices on them; detention of large group marks both a tactical and morale victory for Israeli forces
Detainees surrender to IDF

In what is decidedly unprecedented images, not seen since the war began two months ago, a video released on Thursday by the IDF shows dozens of detainees suspected of either direct or indirect involvement with Hamas, sitting on the roads with their heads down, stripped down to their underwear. Watch the Video.
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Surrounded by Israeli soldiers looking on, the detainees were located in the heart of the Jabaliya neighborhood and had surrendered to the IDF, apparently after having realized that their unconditional surrender was the only way to avoid certain death.
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מחבלי חמאס מחוץ למנהרות
מחבלי חמאס מחוץ למנהרות
IDF troops look on as detainees are stripped
On top of the tactical prism through which to view this video, as it clearly shows IDF forces have been able to outmaneuver Hamas in that area, this is also significant from a morale point of view, as it clearly symbolizes impending triumph of Israeli forces over terrorists.
The IDF published a first-person video of IDF forces engaged in a firefight with Hamas terrorists in the Shejaiya neighborhood in the northern section of the enclave which shows Israeli forces locating and destroying underground infrastructure and stockpiles of munitions, mostly located in civilian buildings. Golani Brigade soldiers have taken on Hamas terrorists in the street, killing dozens, locating manhole covers and shafts as well as rocket launchers, on the way to commandeering Hamas command centers and converting them to their use.
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מחבלי חמאס מחוץ למנהרות
מחבלי חמאס מחוץ למנהרות
Suspected Hamas terrorists after surrendering to IDF troops in Gaza
Simultaneously, Kfir Brigade troops located several RPGs, munitions, and various types of Hamas equipment, as well as the entrance to a tunnel inside a school. The forces destroyed no less than 7 shafts previously used by Hamas, killed dozens of terrorists, and found stockpiles of Hamas munitions.
In one of the shafts, Hamas terrorists opened fire on the troops and in the exchanges, many of them were killed. “We’re fighting in the heart of the Shejaiya neighborhood,” an IDF commander said . “We came due to a suspicion that was confirmed. You can see RPGs located next to babies’ diapers.”
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