Desperate for food, Gazans storm aid trucks carrying flour

Trucks carrying sacks of flour have finally reached northern Gaza; Area residents share their stories of the long days when no flour deliveries arrived, calling the aid 'more important than anything else'

Hadar Adi|
Aid trucks have arrived in the northern Gaza Strip in recent days, according to Palestinian reports, specifically in the al-Rashid area, the enclave's coastal highway. This comes after a prolonged period during which aid did not reach the region. Thousands of residents from northern Gaza have hurried to obtain sacks of flour for their families.
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In video footage, one of the Palestinians who forcefully approached the trucks tells viewers that sacks of flour had finally arrived in the area after a 20-day absence. Another resident said the sack of flour was "more important than anything else."
Masses of starving Palestinians scramble for flour
At the beginning of the week, the flow of assistance entered the coastal strip. Large numbers of residents hastily gathered around the humanitarian aid that reached Gaza City, as seen in various videos. The residents of the area are seen seizing whatever they could, in an area where very little aid manages to reach. In one video, the sound of gunshots can be heard, followed by the sight of the crowds dispersing in panic.
Simultaneously, reports emerged within the Gaza Strip of messages sent to residents, that are said to have originating from the IDF. These messages request information on the whereabouts of hostages, with a significant monetary reward promised to those who provide relevant information.
It was reported last month that a total of 175,000 tons of humanitarian aid, including food, medical supplies, water and shelter equipment, had been delivered to the Gaza Strip since the start of the war against Hamas. Recent videos from the strip have shown clashes erupting over the distribution of aid, even involving members of Hamas.
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תיעוד: המונים מסתערים על משאיות סיוע ושקי קמח בצפון הרצועה
Desperate for something to eat, Gazans storm the trucks
The dramatic documentation of forceful attempts to access aid trucks has become a common occurrence during the days of the war. In one video, an armed person can be seen standing on a truck carrying aid as it travels through the streets of Rafah. Images have also emerged from the southern part of the strip, depicting Gazans looting aid distribution centers operated by the U.N.
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