Israel foils plot to enlist Palestinians in the service of Iran

Two West Bank residents contacted by members of IRGC's Quds Force online agree to transfer intelligence and tap others to join plot to carry out attacks against Israel; Shin Bet says methods used by Iran and proxies revealed
Yoav Zitun|
Iranians mark al Quds day on Friday 

The Shin Bet said on Monday that it had uncovered attempts by the Lebanon-based Hezbollah group and Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, Quds Force to enlist Palestinians residing in the West Bank to carry out terror attacks.
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The months-long investigation ended with the arrest of two Palestinians - Yussef and Marsil Mansour by the Shin Bet who told investigators that they had been approached online by two men, Huda Mahna and Haj Mohamad Raduan, also known as Mohamed Bashir, both identifying as Hezbollah operatives.
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Hassan Nasrallah with Mohamed Bashir
Hassan Nasrallah with Mohamed Bashir
Hassan Nasrallah with Mohamed Bashir
The Palestinian suspects agreed to smuggle weapons into the West Bank for the purposes of trade and with the help of Israeli criminals. Yussef agreed to carry out surveillance of IDF troop movement in the West Bank and elsewhere in Israel and tap others to join their terror plot and was transferred money on a number of occasions with Marsil's help.
It was also revealed that in the covert communications with Mohamed Bashir, Yussef used an inscription program for mail addressed to a specific address.
After their interrogations, the two were charged with serious security offenses.
Shin Bet said their intelligence found that Mohamed Bashir and Huda Mahna were both members of the IRGC's Quds force responsible for assisting Palestinian terror in the West Bank and that their investigation exposed the methods used by both Hezbollah and Iran.
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צעדת "יום ירושלים הבינלאומי" של איראן בבירה טהרן
צעדת "יום ירושלים הבינלאומי" של איראן בבירה טהרן
Iranians mark Jerusalem Day in Tehran
(Photo: Reuters)
"We view efforts by Iran and its proxies to establish a terror infrastructure in Israel, with gravity," Shin Bet said. "Security forces will continue to work to identify and disrupt any attempts to attack Israel and threaten its security," they said.
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