Watch: Israel police rescue two stranded at sea

Police say that the two individuals, 11 and 45, were swept away by strong currents after the boy fell from a raft into the sea, prompting another adult on the raft to jump into the water after him

Liran Levi|
Footage of police rescuing the two individuals who were swept to sea
(Video: Israel Police)
Officers from the Tel Aviv District Marine Police Unit located and rescued an 11-year-old child and a 45-year-old man on Wednesday, who were swept three kilometers into the sea off the coast of Herzliya.
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According to the police, the two individuals were found exhausted, and showed signs of distress having been unable to return to shore.
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תיעוד: חילוץ של גבר בן 45 וילד בן 11 שנסחפו בלב הים
תיעוד: חילוץ של גבר בן 45 וילד בן 11 שנסחפו בלב הים
Tel Aviv's Marine Police Unit during the searches
(Photo: Israel Police)
"The incident occurred around 19:00 when a report was received at the police call center from a father who rented a yacht west of Herzliya, about his 11-year-old son, 6-year-old daughter, and a 45-year-old friend who lowered themselves to the water on an inflatable raft that was tied to the boat,” the police reported.
“Suddenly, the 11-year-old boy fell off the raft and began drifting deeper into the sea. The father’s friend immediately started swimming after the boy and was also carried away by the current, while the remaining girl stayed on the raft and was brought back to the yacht using the attached rope,” according to police.
The two quickly drew away from the yacht until visual contact was lost with them. "The father was left without any naval navigation training, alongside two other 6-year-old girls," the report added.
"The father reported the incident, and officers from the Marine Police Unit contacted him and requested him to send them his location using the WhatsApp application."
After receiving the report, the marine unit rushed to the area and simultaneously sent a message all boats that were present in the area to assist in the search efforts.
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תיעוד: חילוץ של גבר בן 45 וילד בן 11 שנסחפו בלב הים
תיעוד: חילוץ של גבר בן 45 וילד בן 11 שנסחפו בלב הים
Tel Aviv's Marine Police Unit
(Photo: Israel Police)
"Another officer from the Tel Aviv District Marine Police Unit, who happened to be vacationing at a nearby beach with his family, quickly arrived and joined the search using a jet ski," the police added.
"Civilian boats that offered their assistance were guided by the marine police officers on the scene, who divided the search areas from the shoreline to a distance of 3 kilometers offshore based on the estimated drift trajectory of the two individuals, taking into account wave height, wind and currents in the area," the report said.
Eventually, one of the boats reported that they had located the two individuals drifting in the water, and they were transferred to the marine police patrol’s boat.
"The child was examined by the unit's paramedic, and was found to be suffering from mild hypothermia. He was wrapped in thermal blankets to keep warm," the police said.
"The two individuals were transferred for further treatment by Magen David Adom (MDA), who evacuated the boy to receive further treatment at the hospital,” the police added.
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