Drone downed near Egypt's resort city of Dahab - security sources

Drone shot into the sea off the shore in Dahab, Sinai in the second such incident since the war in Gaza after two drones launched by the Houthi rebels in Yemen were shot down last October

A drone was downed near the Egyptian Red Sea resort city of Dahab on Tuesday, in the second such incident in a month, two security sources told Reuters. The security sources could not confirm the drone's origin.
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Israel said in late October that Yemen's Iranian-backed Houthi movement sent drones to strike its territory, after drones caused explosions that rocked two Egyptian towns on the Red Sea, Taba and Nuweiba.
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 יירוט הכטב"ם בסיני
 יירוט הכטב"ם בסיני
Drone shot down over Dahab in Egyptian Sinai
Egypt's military spokesman Colonel Gharib Abdel-Hafez said then that the two drones were fired from the southern Red Sea aiming north. Yemen is at the south end of the sea and Israel at the north.
The Houthis in Yemen have stepped up attacks on shipping in the Red Sea in protest against Israel's war in Gaza.
After hearing an explosion coming from the sea near Dahab, an object fill into the water, causing no damage or injuries, eyewitnesses told Reuters.
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תיעוד השתלטות הח'ותים על אוניית משא בים האדום
תיעוד השתלטות הח'ותים על אוניית משא בים האדום
Houthi forces commandeer a cargo vessel in the Red Sea
Earlier in December, Egyptian air defenses shot down another suspected drone near Dahab, security sources had said.
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