Amid war, Israeli students advised to avoid 'panic-inducing' Purim costumes

Education Ministry instructs schools and kindergartens not to allow students to arrive in costumes that could 'incite fear, panic or harm to others; students wearing offensive costumes will be required to change

Tamar Trabelsi Haddad|
In an unusual move, the Education Ministry on Sunday instructed schools and kindergartens not to allow students to wear "panic-inducing" costumes amid the ongoing war in Gaza and hostilities in the north.
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In a circular to teachers, the ministry emphasized that "as the Purim holiday approaches, we are issuing guidelines for educational staff regarding the holiday's observance in educational institutions, in light of the current security situation and the characteristics of this period.
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מתחפשים בבית ספר משואת נריה
מתחפשים בבית ספר משואת נריה
(Photo: Shaul Golan)
"A student in a costume that could be threatening, spread fear or hurt others' feelings will be asked, in coordination with their parents, to change the costume."
The ministry advises school principals and teachers to engage in discussions with the student and parent community on the appropriate ways to celebrate the holiday, encouraging students and families to partake in the festive joy "in a manner and style that are right for them, with respect and acknowledgment of any concerns or sadness they may experience."
It was also noted that, as per the guidelines, "care should be taken to avoid costumes that could incite fear, panic or harm to others."
With the backdrop of the war, the educational staff will discuss with students in the coming days the costumes they intend to choose, "aiming to collaboratively think about selecting a costume that allows for creative and joyful personal expression without endangering themselves or those around them. Additionally, students are required to show sensitivity and personal responsibility in their costume choice to avoid harming others."
Purim, set for next month, will see many municipalities across the country cancel traditional events due to the war, opting for more modest celebrations instead.
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העדלאידע בחולון
העדלאידע בחולון
The Adloyada Purim parade in Holon
(Photo: Moti Kimchi)
Decisions on the festival's format in many towns, including those in the south, are still pending. The Adloyada parade in Holon, a hallmark of the holiday in Israel, will not occur this year; instead, the municipality will host Purim events at various city locations.
In Jerusalem, holiday events will proceed as usual, including the renowned street party on Nissim Bachar Street in Nachlaot and the Purifletzet event, featuring city landmarks dressed in costumes.
Additionally, Jerusalem may host its first Adloyada parade since 1957. The municipality aims to spread joy, demonstrating that Israel's capital remains vibrant and celebratory even in challenging times.
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