Israel's coalition mulls ousting members after nay vote on West Bank bill

Ra’am Mazen Ghanaim and Meretz Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi may find themselves outside the Knesset; moves against former coalition whip Silamn are also considered as she voted for the first time against it
Moran Azulay|
Less than a day after it failed to renew the Israeli law over West Bank Settlements, the coalition decided on Tuesday to apply pressure on the members who voted against it to resign from the Knesset.
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  • Following Ra’am MK Mazen Ghanaim and Meretz MK Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi's vote against the crucial legislation, the coalition marked them as risks that must be neutralized ahead of the next vote.
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    Ra’am MK Mazen Ghanaim and Meretz MK Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi
    Ra’am MK Mazen Ghanaim and Meretz MK Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi
    Ra’am MK Mazen Ghanaim and Meretz MK Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi
    (Photo: Amit Shabi, Yoav Dudkevtich)
    IF the coalition succeeds, the legislators could be replaced by members more amenable to the coalition.
    Just two and a half weeks ago Zoabi announced her resignation from the coalition, and just a few days later backpedaled her decision and declared she will vote with the coalition.
    Similar moves are made around MK Ghanaim, who is interested in becoming the mayor of the Arab city Sakhnin, and therefore in his case, he might cave to the pressure.
    At the same time, the coalition discussed whether to move against former coalition whip Idit Silman, who announced she was crossing the lines to the opposition, from her position as the head of the parliamentary health committee - after she voted for the first time against the coalition's position, thereby preventing the appointment of a minister.
    Silman who was promised a safe seat in the Likud list in the next elections and a ministerial position in a Likud led government could face being classified a renegade, which would prevent her from joining any existing party in the next election cycle.
    On Monday the coalition decided to promote the bill to renew the regulations that extend Israeli law to the West Bank, without a solid majority and the opposition in their refusal to back the bill, prevented it from passing.
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    מליאת הכנסת
    מליאת הכנסת
    Idit Silman voted against the coalition
    (Photo: Knesset Spokesperson, Noam Moskowitz)
    Justice Minister Gideon Saar who tabled the bill will now have to submit it to a vote once more, in order for the Israeli law - to continue to apply in the West Bank.
    With a 58 to 52 majority the opposition defeated the legislation although it can directly and adversely affect the West Bank settlers.
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