Families of hostages held by Hamas are furious aid entered Gaza

The granddaughter of hostage Yafa Adar, 85, has been waiting for a sign of life for two weeks, she says humanitarian should be a two-way street

Yael Ciechanover |
At the headquarters of the families and volunteers working for the return of the hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza, they threatened to dramatically increase their struggle if the humanitarian aid, which Israel agreed to allow under pressure from the United States and US President Joe Biden, entered the coastal strip - even if it was taken in through Egypt. On Saturday morning, for the first time since the outbreak of the war, a convoy of 20 trucks carrying humanitarian aid in the form of food, water and medicine entered the Gaza Strip, where at least 210 kidnapped Israelis are being held.
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Orian Adar has been waiting for two weeks for a sign of life from her grandmother, 85-year-old Yafa, who is seen in a video being taken captive, which has become one of the symbols of the horrific attack by Hamas on October 7. When she heard about the humanitarian aid that entered the Strip this morning, she could not remain indifferent.
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מעבר רפיח נפתח לסיוע הומניטרי
מעבר רפיח נפתח לסיוע הומניטרי
Left, Aid convoys enter Gaza from Egypt ; right, Yafa Adar is kidnapped into Gaza
"I don't understand how the word 'humanitarian' is in the discourse, when you take an 85-year-old woman who needs medication, who will end her life in suffering," Orian told Ynet. "As long as this situation exists - we cannot possibly use this word. There is nothing humanitarian here. That word does not exist. Burn children, kill them in their beds, should children grow up in captivity?"
"There is nothing humanitarian in this reality," Orian asserts. "Humanitarian should come in front of humanitarian, let them give something back. If they want us to be humanitarians, then let them be too. Let us contact them, bring them medicine, God almighty, let them go already. Do you want to play humanitarian? It must be two-way."
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