US asking Israel 'hard questions' on Gaza military assault, White House says

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan tells media US speaking candidly to ally and making principles regarding sanctity of life clear

White House National Security Advisor said on Sunday that the U.S. believes Israel should take every means possible to distinguish between Palestinian civilians and Hamas terrorists in its military operation in Gaza. He would not acknowledge differences between the U.S. and Israel but emphasized that Washington was being candid with its ally.
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"We do not stand for the killing of innocent people, whether it be Palestinian, Israeli or otherwise," he said faced with growing outcry over Israel's bombardment of Gaza since the deadly Oct. 7 attack that killed over 1,400 Israelis.
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ג'ייק סאליבן
ג'ייק סאליבן
Jake Sullivan
(Photo: AFP)
Israeli forces were expanding ground operations in Gaza while their fighter jets struck hundreds more Hamas targets on Sunday in what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the second phase of a three-week-old war.
Asked if there was any "daylight" between the two allies on Israel's military operation, Sullivan told CBS' Face the Nation they were discussing hard questions, humanitarian aid, distinguishing between terrorists and innocent civilians, how Israel is thinking through its military operation. "We talk candidly, we talked directly, we share our views and an unvarnished way and we will continue to do that," he said.
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רפיח רצועת עזה
רפיח רצועת עזה
Palestinians flee Israeli bombing in Rafah
(Photo: Hatem Ali / AP)
"But sitting here in public, I will just say that the United States is going to make its principles and propositions absolutely clear, including the sanctity of innocent human life. And then we will continue to provide our advice to Israel in private."
Medical authorities in the Gaza Strip, which has a population of 2.3 million people, say 8,005 Palestinians, including 3,324 minors have been killed in Israel's campaign to obliterate the Iran-backed terrorist group.
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