IDF arrests director of Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza

IDF and Shin Bet confirm arrest of Dr. Muhammad Abu Salamiyah over evidence that under his management the hospital served as a Hamas control center where terrorists operated

Statement by the IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, regarding Hamas’ exploitation of hospitals

The IDF confirmed early Thursday afternoon that the director of the Al Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip was apprehended and transferred for questioning following evidence showing that the Al Shifa Hospital, under his direct management, served as a Hamas command and control center.
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The IDF's announcement came hours after the Palestinians reported the arrest of Al Shifa head Dr. Muhammad Abu Salamiyah and several other medical personnel overnight.
A joint statement from the IDF and the Shin Bet noted that: "The Hamas terror tunnel network situated under the hospital also exploited electricity and resources taken from the hospital. In addition, Hamas stored numerous weapons inside the hospital and on the hospital grounds.
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מוחמד אבו סלמיה מנהל שיפא שנעצר
מוחמד אבו סלמיה מנהל שיפא שנעצר
Al Shifa hospital director Dr. Muhammad Abu Salamiyah
"Furthermore, after the Hamas massacre on October 7th, Hamas terrorists sought refuge within the hospital, some of them taking hostages from Israel with them. A pathological report also confirmed the murder of Cpl. Noa Marciano on the hospital premises."
The statement noted that "extensive Hamas terrorist activity" took place at Al Shifa under Abu Salamiyah's management. The extent of his involvement in the terrorist activity will be determined through further questioning, according to the IDF and Shin Bet.
Meanwhile, the director general of the Hamas-run Health Ministry in Gaza claimed oin Thursday that Israel demanded the evacuation of the Indonesian hospital in northern Gaza within four hours.
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המשך תוואי המנהרה
המשך תוואי המנהרה
A Hamas tunnel under the Shifa hospital
The reports about the arrest of the director of Al Shifa and the ultimatum at the Indonesian hospital come against the backdrop of the international media struggle waged by the IDF in order to prove that Al Shifa Hospital served as a military terrorist base for Hamas, above and below ground.
Ynet's military reporter, who visited the system of terrorist tunnels that the army uncovered under patients, on Wednesday night described in detail the large amount of evidence of Hamas activity in Al Shifa. Among other things, a tunnel was uncovered with relatively large living and sleeping quarters paved with white ceramic, an air conditioner on the wall, separate bathrooms with toilets, sinks and kitchens, electrical cabinets and hidden ventilation openings. Unlike a decade ago, the concrete in the Al Shifa tunnels is more thickly reinforced, to try and overcome the unique anti-tunnel bombs developed in recent years for the Air Force.
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סיור לתקשורת במתחם בית החולים שיפא בעזה וחשיפת מנהרות ואמצעי לחימה של חאמס
סיור לתקשורת במתחם בית החולים שיפא בעזה וחשיפת מנהרות ואמצעי לחימה של חאמס
Hamas weapons found under the Shifa hospital
(Photo: Ahikam Seri / AFP)
“Now, the irrefutable truth of Hamas’ exploitation of hospitals in Gaza is on full display to the world. We have an important question to ask the international community: What will you do to stop Gaza’s hospitals from being turned into terror bases in the future? Will you condemn Hamas? Or will you continue to be silent? Will you remain silent?" said IDF spokesman Brig. Gen. Daniel Hagari
"I want to make it clear that Israel is at war with Hamas. We are not at war with the people of Gaza,” he added.
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