Haredi youth arrested in Moldova for smuggling 15 kilograms of ecstasy

Ultra-orthodox sources claim that drug smugglers took advantage of his innocence; young man, from the center of the country, remains in custody in Moldova

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Customs officials in Moldova prevented an attempt to smuggle 15.6 kg of drugs found in the suitcase of an ultra-Orthodox youth from the center of the country. During the inspection of his luggage, the customs officials found three boxes identified as pet food that actually contained drugs intended for the production of ecstasy pills.
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According to a report on the website B'Haredey Haredim, the value of the drugs is estimated to be 10 million shekels ($2.76 million). Customs officials reported that the owner of the cargo is a 32-year-old Israeli citizen who flew to the Moldovan capital of Chisinau from Amsterdam.
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Ecstacy pills found in the young haredi man's suitcase
Ecstacy pills found in the young haredi man's suitcase
Ecstacy pills found in the young haredi man's suitcase
The young Haredi man went through the customs and announced that he had nothing to declare, but during an inspection of his luggage the customs officials drugs inside three boxes marked pet food. According to the report in the local media, after the arrest the Chisinau police conducted searches at five addresses in the capital, questioning people who may be related to the young Israeli, who was supposed to deliver the drugs to them. The suspect was arrested and will remain in custody for 30 days until his case is heard.
The young man, who comes from an impoverished family, was not aware that the boxes contained drugs and that his innocence was being taken advantage of. In exchange for $500 and a plane ticket, he had agreed to take the packages. Various parties are now trying to help the young man, who is married and the father one child.
(Haredi youth arrested for smuggling 15.6 kg of Ecstacy into Moldoova)
A businessmen familiar with the case says that "the public should be warned, it is absolutely forbidden to take packages from strangers, even if a large amount of money is offered. The cases can end with many years in prison in a foreign country."
The Moldovan Customs website reported the story of the Israeli's arrest as the main news, noting that he will remain in detention for 30 days. The investigation will continue in the coming days.
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