American Israeli hostage Judy Weinstein declared dead, her body held by Hamas

Kibbutz Nir Oz announced that the mother of 4 and grandmother of 7 was injured and killed on October 7 just days after her husband was declared dead; her mother, 95, is still alive

Matan Tzuri |
American Israeli hostage Judy Weinstein, 70, is dead and her body is held by Hamas, her hometown of Kibbutz Nir Oz announced on Thursday afternoon.
Weinstein was injured during the Hamas attack on October 7, and the family was now informed that she was murdered on that day. The announcement comes days after the Kibbutz announced that her husband, Gadi Haggai, 72, also was injured and died on the same day. Both of their bodies remain in the hands of Hamas.
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Weinstein is survived by four children, seven grandchildren and her 95-year-old mother. She was an English teacher, specializing in children with special needs and attention and concentration problems. She also treated children experiencing anxiety over the situation in the border communities with and treated children with meditation and mindfulness methods.
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גדי חגי וג'ודי ויינשטיין
גדי חגי וג'ודי ויינשטיין
American Israeli citizens Judy Weinstein and Haggai Gadi
The couple, both Israeli and American citizens, were abducted while out on a morning walk on October 7. Weinstein tried to call for help and said that she and her husband were both shot by terrorists riding a motorcycle and that Gadi was seriously injured. They were then taken by Hamas terrorists into Gaza.
"It is our understanding that no one was able to assist them at that point," Weinstein's sister, Andrea, told CNN in an interview this week. "My hope is that Judy is released and that she's been medically taken care of, so we can hug her upon her return and be there for whatever she may need."
Weinstein's mother expressed her grave concern for her daughter's health, saying that not knowing whether she is still alive is unbearable.
Early in the war, Gadi's children recognized his lifeless body being taken into Gaza in a video posted on social media, though at the time, authorities said there was "inconclusive evidence" to support the assertion he was already dead at that point.
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ג'ודי ויינשטיין, גדי חגי
ג'ודי ויינשטיין, גדי חגי
Their bodies are held by Hamas
"We're heartbroken," Andrea, a resident of Connecticut, told CNN. "To think someone is harming my sister and her husband, both of who are such kind people. It's immoral."
Six other American citizens currently are held in Hamas captivity, all men.
On Friday, their family members said in a statement: "We call upon our leaders to do all that's required to bring our parents back. The news of Gadi's demise serve to underscore the urgency of the matter."
Judy's 95-year-old told CNN earlier this week that "I am very afraid and worried. I want to know if Judy is alive and if she is being held hostage. It is unbearable not to know."
After the announcement about the murder of Gadi Hagai, US President Joe Biden said: "Jill and I are heartbroken by the news that the American Gadi Hagai was murdered by Hamas on October 7. We continue to pray for the safety and return of his wife, Judy. We pray for their four children, their seven grandchildren and their other loved ones and grieve with them."
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