Israeli bank freezes account of settler blacklisted by US

Yinon Levi claims Bank Leumi blocked access to his account after Washington accused him of allegedly leading settler groups attacking Palestinians and Bedouins in West Bank
One of the four Israeli settlers blacklisted by the U.S. last week following an executive order by President Joe Biden claimed on Sunday that his bank account has been frozen as a result.
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Yinon Levi, subject to sanctions along with three others for their alleged involvement in violent attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank, claimed that Bank Leumi froze his account as a result of Biden's order. "These are false accusations," said Levi.
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ינון לוי שחשבונו בבנק לאומי הוקפא
ינון לוי שחשבונו בבנק לאומי הוקפא
Yinon Levi (left) alongside far-right lawmaker Tzvi Succot
Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, a far-right lawmaker with deep connections to the settler movement in the West Bank, sought answers from Bank of Israel Banking Supervisor Daniel Hahiashvili regarding the legal basis upon which the directive to freeze Levi's bank account was given. "It's unreasonable, and we cannot leave it like this," said Smotrich. Hahiashvili said that he would examine the matter.
According to Biden's executive order, Levi allegedly led a group of settlers engaged in actions that created an atmosphere of fear in the West Bank. He consistently led groups of settlers from an illegal outpost, attacked Palestinian and Bedouin individuals, threatened them with additional violence if they did not leave their homes, set fire to their fields and destroyed their property.
Bank Leumi has yet to respond to a Ynet request for comment on the matter.
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