A father and yeshiva student: Israel names victim of deadly West Bank shooting

Yehuda Dimantman, 20, is said to have been making his way from a yeshiva when him and two others came under fire while driving near outpost of Homesh; 'He was a good man, hard to believe he is gone,' says friend who was hurt in attack
Israel late Thursday identified the victim of a deadly shooting attack in the West Bank hours earlier, as a father of one and a devoted yeshiva student.
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  • Yehuda Dimantman, 20, is a resident of the settlement of Shavei Shomron. He was killed when him and two of his friends came under fire in what officials suspect was a planned ambush, while driving near the illegal outpost of Homesh. The other two people in the car were lightly wounded.
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    יהודה דימנטמן
    יהודה דימנטמן
    Yehuda Dimantman
    (Photo: Elisha Ben Kimon, TPS)
    Medics who first arrived at the scene tried to revive him, but had to eventually pronounce his death.
    "We drove out of Homesh, when suddenly we heard shots," said 22-year-old Avia Antman, who was in the car with the victim. "I felt something hit my left arm and yelled at the driver to go faster. Someone in the back [Diamantan] yelled that he was hit in the neck."
    The three are said to have been making their way from a yeshiva when they came under fire.
    "The person who was killed was my friend. He was a good man. He was sweet and nice to everyone. It's hard to believe he's not with us."
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    תיעוד מזירת האירוע סמוך ליישוב חומש בשומרון
    תיעוד מזירת האירוע סמוך ליישוב חומש בשומרון
    The car of yeshiva students that came under fire
    (Photo: Tal Shahar)
    Large numbers of IDF troops were called to the scene, setting up roadblocks in the area in an apparent effort to catch the shooters. The Shin Bet security agency has also reportedly joined the search efforts.
    Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was updated on the incident, his office said.
    "Together with all the people of Israel, I send heartfelt condolences to the family of the murdered in the deadly attack that took place tonight, and wish a speedy recovery to the wounded," he said on Twitter. "Security forces will soon get their hands on the terrorists. Justice will be served."
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    יוני ויעקב אנטמן
    יוני ויעקב אנטמן
    Avia Antman, who was in the car with the victim, being consoled by relatives at the hospital
    (Photo: Yuval Chen)
    Defense Minister Benny Gantz expressed his condolences and said Israeli security forces "will get their hands on the terrorists."
    Hamas praised the deadly attack, although it did not immediately take responsibility. "Hamas blesses this heroic operation in Nablus against the occupation forces and the murderous settlers," said Hamas Spokesperson Hazim Qasim.
    "This operation proves yet again that our heroic people will continue their struggle until they expel the occupier."
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