IDF officer killed in Rafah; Gaza ground offensive death toll reaches 324

Major Jalaa Ibrahem, 25, a company commander in the 601st Engineering Battalion, was killed in southern Gaza; Ibrahem came from a Druze family with a proud history of serving in significant security roles and was the fourth brother to serve in the IDF

The IDF announced Sunday that Major Jalaa Ibrahem, 25, from the Druze village of Sajur, was killed by an anti-tank missile in Rafah.
Ibrahem was a company commander in the 601st Engineering Battalion, 401st "Iron Tracks" Brigade. He is survived by his mother and 12 siblings, many of whom hold significant security roles. Ibrahem was the fourth family member to serve in the Engineering Corps. A month and a half ago, the family recorded a touching video of him returning home from combat and embracing his mother and aunt.
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רס"ן ג'לאא סלים איברהים ז"ל
רס"ן ג'לאא סלים איברהים ז"ל
Major Jalaa Ibrahem
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
"Jalaa had 12 siblings. Six of them hold senior security positions – three in the combat engineering corps, one in the Border Police, and another in the Israel Police," Jaber Hammoud, head of the Sajur Council, said. "Ibrahem comes from a bereaved family; his grandfather was killed chasing terrorists during the War of Attrition. This is a noble family in the community."
Jalaa's father, also a security officer, died of a heart attack. "This family has been through a lot but remains strong," said the council head. "Three brothers and two nephews are serving in combat roles in Gaza. Jalaa is a source of pride for the Druze community and every Israeli patriot. Sadly, the Druze community repeatedly proves its loyalty to the state, but the state has yet to prove its loyalty to the Druze community. It is sad."
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ג'לאא סלים איברהים ז"ל
ג'לאא סלים איברהים ז"ל
Jalaa Ibrahem
The head of the Druze community, Sheikh Mowafaq Tarif, said that "once again, IDF officers visit a Druze village to announce the loss of another officer from our community in battle. Jalaa, one of our finest sons and commanders, led in life and led in battle until his fall. The community continues to pay a very heavy price in the war, and our hearts are torn to pieces. My heart is with the Ibrahem family in these difficult moments. This is a family of honor, the pride of the community and the state. All its members bear the heavy burden, and today they pay the ultimate price."
"We repeatedly demonstrate our partnership on the battlefield, sharing the burden and the loss," he said. "This partnership and equality must extend to everyday life, but this is not the case. Members of the community should be equal partners not only in battle and bereavement but also in life. May the memory of Jalaa and all the fallen be forever cherished in our hearts."
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