Visitors evacuated from Jerusalem Zoo, aquarium due to forest fire

Ten fire brigades and four planes arrive following the start of a forest fire, which led to the evacuation of visitors at the Biblical Zoo and the Aquarium; fire fighters intervene between the flames and the animals
Liran Tamari|

Forest fire in Jerusalem
(Video: Liran Tamari, Uri Friedman)

A forest fire has lead to the evacuation of two of the main recreation sites in Jerusalem. The forest fire broke out in Ein Lavan area, and four firefighting planes were launched. Because of the fire, officials decided to evacuate visitors from the Biblical Zoo and the Israel Aquarium adjacent to it. The fire also endangers the nearby Masua neighborhood.
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The report of the forest fire was received at the fire department's 102 call center at 3:20 p.m. Apart from the planes, 10 firefighting teams are involved in trying to control the fire.
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השריפה בהרי ירושלים
השריפה בהרי ירושלים
Firefighters battle fire in Jerusalem forest
"So far only civilians have been evacuated. There is no evacuation of the animals in the zoo and aquarium. The firefighters are performing perimeter protection and are separating the flames from the animals. At this stage there is no immediate danger to the animals," Reshef Udi Gal, spokesman for the Fire Department in the Jerusalem district, updated
The zoo said in a statement: "In light of a forest fire that broke out near the Biblical Zoo and the Israel Aquarium, the zoo staff took extra precaution and evacuated all visitors. All animals have been moved to safe areas and are under the supervision of the care team. Firefighting teams, including firefighting planes, are on the scene and are handling the fire.
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מטוס כיבוי בשריפה בירושלים
מטוס כיבוי בשריפה בירושלים
A plane fights fire in Jerusalem forest
(Photo: Uri Friedman)
The Biblical Zoo, established in 1940, is located on the northern slopes of Nahal Refaim, near the Ein Yael and Ein Lavan springs. The zoo, which is visited by many Israelis, displays a zoological collection of animals from the Land of Israel, some of which are mentioned in the Bible.
The public aquarium, which opened to the general public almost six years ago, is the only terrestrial aquarium in the Middle East and the only one in the world centered on marine animals originating from the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
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