Foreign Minister Katz presents UN evidence of UNRWA employees' involvement with Hamas

Israel Katz says file contains evidence of UNRWA's deep involvement with Hamas, and how workers actively participated in the October 7 massacre

Foreign Minister Israel Katz presented to United Nations ambassadors who visited Israel on Thursday explicit evidence of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) employee's involvement with Hamas.
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According to a statement made by the minister, the file contains "evidence of the deep involvement of UNRWA employees with the Hamas terrorist organization.." The UN ambassadors' delegation includes envoys from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Malta, Romania, Ukraine, Sierra Leone, and Slovenia.
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ישראל כ"ץ וגלעד ארדן מציגים את 'תיק אונר"א' לחברי משלחת האו"ם
ישראל כ"ץ וגלעד ארדן מציגים את 'תיק אונר"א' לחברי משלחת האו"ם
Foreign Minister Israel Katz presented the evidence
(Photo: GPO)
During the meeting, Katz said, "UNRWA can't be part of the post-war reality in Gaza. They have failed. UNRWA is now part of a terrorist organization and has become part of Hamas's killing machine. You see the faces and names of the terrorists who are part of UNRWA and part of Hamas - terrorists who actively participated in the October 7 massacre. They aren't only 12 - they are thousands, and are deeply involved in terrorism."
According to Katz, "UNRWA's mandate isn't realistic because it perpetuates terrorism - by which I mean leading the effort to ensure that in the day after the war, UNRWA will belong in the past." He also emphasized his intention to expose the files to the world, and Hamas' malicious use of the humanitarian aid provided to UNRWA.
The delegation was led by Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, who said, "In post-war Gaza, the international community will need to think about new and creative solutions. For example, turning UNRWA and Hamas against each other. A different model is needed."
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