Foreign Ministry recruiting Israeli TikTok stars

Initiative aims to present Israel's beauty to the world using digital diplomacy via a unique department targeting social media platforms online
In a time when Israel's international image isn’t very positive, and the digital arena is the central stage for the face of the country, the Foreign Ministry recently announced that it’s expanding its presence on social media platforms and establishing two new departments, the TikTok and Instagram departments.
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In recent days, the ministry has been recruiting website managers and young employees who are proficient in the online world to work in these new departments, with the goal of deepening digital diplomatic efforts and reaching new target audiences.
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Israel's Foreign Ministery is expanding its TikTok Department
(Photo: Dan Kitwood, Getty Images)
The Foreign Ministry’s Digital Diplomacy Division has been active for several years on TikTok and Instagram. It’s considered one of the top three such divisions in the world, and many European foreign ministries want to learn from Israel's success.
However, the establishment of specialized departments for video-based social media platforms is innovative and unique to Israel and the world stage.
"Israel is engaged in a narrative war, therefore we’re present on every platform that allows us to spread the Israeli message to wide audiences,” the new division’s head, Amb. David Saranga said.
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שר החוץ אלי כהן עם שרת החוץ של גרמניה, אנאלנה ברבוק בברלין
שר החוץ אלי כהן עם שרת החוץ של גרמניה, אנאלנה ברבוק בברלין
Eli Cohen
(Photo: Reuters)
“As a platform that appeals to a young audience, TikTok enables us to convey soft and also diplomatic messages to people that aren’t necessarily exposed to the Israeli side of things," he added.
Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, who headed the initiative, said: "This initiative complements other projects aimed at recruiting influential figures and young Israelis to promote Israel’s positive image around the world."
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