'Most extensive investigation in Israel's history': Police compile over 700 testimonies against Hamas terrorists

Testimonies reveal terrorists raped and executed civilians with one goal in mind - sow fear and panic among the Israeli public; warning: highly disturbing descriptions

Liran Levi|

Warning: This article features highly disturbing descriptions. Discretion is advised.

A survivor from the October 7 Hamas attack provided a chilling account to Israel Police, detailing how a terrorist raped one of his victims before executing her.
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According to the survivor, the victim "stood on her feet, bleeding from her back. I saw him pull her by the hair. She was not clothed."
She recounted how the terrorist shot the victim dead during the assault, after having violated her. The survivor described in her testimony very difficult details that are too graphic to commit to writing.
Last month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's foreign media spokesperson, Eilon Levy, shared the harrowing account of a paramedic who witnessed the aftermath of a similarly distressing incident in a home in Kibbutz Be'eri, one of the border communities worst hit on October 7.
“I enter a home of a family, and while we’re looking for injured people, civilians to rescue, as we are in combat there with terrorists that are still in houses with the people living there as hostages, I open with my team one of the rooms of that house,” the paramedic says.
“I see two girls lying, one on the bed, one on the floor… and the girl, a 14-15-year-old teenager, she is lying on the floor, on her stomach, her pants are pulled down, and she is half-naked, her legs are spread out, wide open, and there are remains of sperm on her back,” he continues.
“Someone executed her right after he brutally raped her while just shooting her in the head. She was left there to lie in a pile of blood. And that is the first time I actually, like a slap in the face, understand we’re not acting against terrorists here, we are acting against savages, inhumane savages.”
Lahav 433—Israel Police's anti-corruption wing, popularly dubbed the "Israeli FBI"—is spearheading the criminal investigation into the terrorists, with the aim of bringing them to justice. To this end, police have compiled over 700 testimonies from survivors and secured tens of thousands of videos that chronicle heinous acts of brutality.
Police sources say that this is the most extensive investigation in the nation's history. They report that evidence suggests the terrorists underwent years of training in preparation for the massacre.
"Terrorists revealed during their interrogation that they had received religious approval to kill children, women and infants," they said. "The terrorists stated that the purpose of beheadings and rape was to sow fear and panic among the Israeli public. The terrorists had additional plans, including reaching central Israel, which ultimately did not succeed."
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