Bennett warns Iran 'will pay painful prices' if Israelis attacked in Turkey

PM calls on Israelis who continue to ignore calls to leave Istanbul to act responsibly 'for their own safety'; adds Israel in cooperation with Egypt over ending weapons smuggling to Gaza
Gilad Cohen|
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Sunday that that any attack against Israelis in Istanbul, will exact a heavy price.
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  • Speaking at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting the prime minister said if Israelis are hurt, Iran will be held responsible.
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    נפתלי בנט
    נפתלי בנט
    Naftali Bennett
    (Photo: EPA)
    "We are witnessing the Iranian attempts … we'll continue to harm those who send the terrorists, and the those who send the ones who sent them. Our new rule - that who sends, pays," Bennet said.
    The prime minister called on Israelis who despite warnings, have remained in Turkey, that the risk is real and serious. "Israeli citizens must practice personal responsibility over their safety," he said.
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    חוסיין טאייב
    חוסיין טאייב
    Turkish security forces in Istanbul, Hussein Tayeb- head of the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Organization in Iran
    (Photo: AFP)
    Israeli and Turkish security agencies conducted a counter terrorism operation over the weekend to country Iranian plans to murder and abduct Israelis visiting Istanbul. Israeli officials warned that Iran order terror squads in Turkey, made up of Iranians as well as Turkish recruits, to kill Israelis at all costs.
    After an uptick in violence on the Gaza border over the weekend, Bennett said his government retaliated forcefully after a rocket was launched against Ashkelon, in accordance with their strict policy, with Hamas seen as responsible for all attacks.
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    שעות לאחר שצה"ל הפציץ עמדת חמאס החלו העבודות לשיקומה
    שעות לאחר שצה"ל הפציץ עמדת חמאס החלו העבודות לשיקומה
    Hamas watchtower renovations after being hit by the IDF
    (Photo: Amnon Ziv)
    "The last year was the quietest in more than a decade for the residents of the south," Bennett said. " We got down to seven rockets with no casualties," he said.
    He compared his government's term to previous years claiming temporary calm along the border came at the cost of the Gaza factions bolstering their military capabilities, Now we are closing off any options to smuggle weapons through the Rafah border in cooperation with the Egyptians," he said.
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