Netanyahu: We will turn places where Hamas is hiding into 'cities of ruins'

In address to nation, prime minister says 'We will win this war, but the price is great'; says Hamas is responsible for the safety of abductees
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday night in a televised statement to the nation that Israel will destroy the capabilities of Hamas - but refrained from talking about the possibility of overthrowing the organization completely, and did not answer questions from reporters. The statement came as the security forces continued to wage battles against the last remaining terrorists in Israeli territory . At least 250 Israelis have been murdered so far in the Hamas surprise attack, and around 1,500 have been injured.
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Hamas “invaded Israeli territory this morning,” and started a “cruel and evil war,” targeting innocent civilians young and old.
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בנימין נתניהו
בנימין נתניהו
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the nation after Hamas attack
(Photo: GPO)
“We will win this war, but the price is great,” he said. "This is a difficult day for all of us."
“Hamas wants to murder us all, murdering children and mothers in their homes, in their beds," Netanyahu said. “It is an enemy that kidnaps elderly people, children, young girls.”
“What happened today has never been seen before in Israel and I will ensure it never happens again. The entire government supports this decision. The IDF will immediately use all its power to destroy Hamas’s capabilities. We will fight them to the bitter end and avenge this black day they plotted for Israel and its people,” he said.
Netanyahu called Gaza "the city of evil," and made it clear that "we will turn all the places where Hamas is organized and hiding into cities of ruins. I say to the residents of Gaza - get out of there now. We will act everywhere and with all our strength."
"At this time, IDF forces are clearing the last settlements of terrorists," added the prime minister. "I send a hug and condolences to the bereaved families whose loved ones were murdered today in cold blood and with endless cruelty."
He also referred to the abductees inside the Gaza Strip, saying that "we all pray for the peace of the captives. I say to Hamas - you are responsible for their safety. Israel will come to terms with anyone who harms a hair on their head."
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