Man recognizes brother, brother's partner abducted in video: 'They were taken to Gaza'

Moshe Or reported his brother Avinatan and Avinatan's partner, Noa, as missing, only to later recognize them in a video being forcibly led to Gaza by terrorists; In another clip, Noa is observed sipping water, seemingly at the location where she was taken; ‘I can't begin to comprehend what was going through their minds,' Moshe says
Noa Argamani seen on a video being kidnapped into Gaza

Moshe Or, whose brother Avinatan and Avinatan's partner, Noa Argamani, attended a rave party on Kibbutz Re'im, watched a video Sunday morning showing the two being kidnapped to the Gaza Strip. In the video, Noa is seen on a motorcycle with two terrorists, while Avinatan, restrained by several more, walks beside her. In another video, Noa is shown drinking from a water bottle, presumably at a location within the Gaza Strip where she was taken.
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"We were worried and tried to call them, but both of their phones were unreachable," Moshe shared in an interview with N12. "A few hours later, emergency teams contacted us, revealing they had seen a video of my brother and his girlfriend being forcibly taken toward the Gaza Strip."
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נועה ארגמני
נועה ארגמני
Avinatan Or and Noa Argamani seen on a video being kidnapped into Gaza
Israeli authorities have been trying to prevent the dissemination of other disturbing videos circulating online, which depict civilians and soldiers being abducted into the Gaza Strip, either alive or dead, with some being subjected to abuse.
Moshe, who authorized the video's media release, shared that he couldn't believe it until he had seen the footage himself. "I actively began searching for it in various Telegram groups. It didn’t take long before I found it. In the video, I saw Noa, completely terrified. I can't begin to imagine what was going through her mind – she was screaming in panic on a motorcycle, being held by some scumbags who wouldn’t let her go."
He added, "My brother, who is a big guy - two meters tall and works out four times a week - is really strong. Maybe four or five of them were holding him, and they just led them toward Gaza, I guess."
"This video is shocking," Moshe expressed. "I sought it out because I really wanted to confirm it was true and to dispel some of the prevailing uncertainty." Moshe criticized the authorities' handling of the situation regarding the missing individuals since the onset of the attack.
"There are dozens more missing, and at the moment, there isn’t a government agency or any official body coordinating this, with the exception of Moked 100, and they aren’t doing anything. There are private organizations and individuals on Instagram and Telegram compiling names, and you see list after list. These are dozens, if not hundreds, of people who are missing," he said.
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מסיבת הטבע נובה בבארי לפני טרור המחבלים
מסיבת הטבע נובה בבארי לפני טרור המחבלים
Revelers enjoying the music festival before the Hamas raid
(Photo: Idan Darabi)
Moshe emphasized that the terrorists forced the young people to march from the party site to the Gaza Strip on foot.
"There are a few kilometers from Re'im to Gaza; you can see it in the videos, it's a significant number of people. If there is determined and proactive action now, we can prevent a much larger tragedy," he said.
Two young women, who were rescued from the party location, shared in another interview that they hid for several hours.
"We're okay. When the shooting began, we fled, got into the car and then they started firing at us. We stopped and ran into an orchard, into the unknown, and hid there from 6:30am, just waiting for someone to find us."
The women said they tried to contact their parents and the police but their calls did not go through due to weak cell phone reception. "I felt existential fear. Many people were running hysterically; there were shots and bursts of gunfire. I lay down on the ground and covered my head with my hands. We were on the brink of death. I saw about 10 terrorists on one side and another 10 on the other, all chasing us. We didn't emerge to see what was happening; we were too frightened."
Hundreds of other party attendees found refuge in the nearby Moshav Patish, where residents provided them shelter, water and food, and even assisted in locating other individuals in the area. Numerous others remain missing, and their families are requesting assistance in locating them.
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