Islamic Health Organization buries 'civilian' medics with Hezbollah flag

Despite Hezbollah trying to distance itself from healthcare workers killed by IDF fire in southern Lebanon, mourners raise terror group's flags at funerals

The funerals of two Lebanese medics, who were killed in IDF strikes, were held on Friday in southern Lebanon. The images that came from the funerals may strengthen the claim that the slain "medics" are members of Hezbollah.
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At both funerals, the yellow flags of Hezbollah were displayed and the speeches that were given were similar in their wording to the speeches given at the funerals of Hezbollah members who were killed during the war.
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הלוויות סאג'ד רמזי קאסם
הלוויות סאג'ד רמזי קאסם
Terror organization Hezbollah flag at Islamic Health Organization funeral
Hezbollah attempted to obscure the identity of the two medics, Ali Mahmoud al-Sheikh Ali and Sajd Ramzi Qassem, on Thursday evening by reporting at the time that they were two medical personnel from the Islamic Health Organization.
The organization was founded by Hezbollah in 1984 and deals with health services, medicine and psychological counseling. The photos of the two were published on the pages of the terrorist organization on social media, but Hezbollah insignia was absent from the photos.
Additionally, IDF Arabic Spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Avichay Adraee posted on Thursday evening the invitation that was distributed for the funeral of one of the medics. Adraee presented two versions of the invitation and claimed that it was first posted bearing the symbol of Hezbollah, and then it was deleted and an invitation to the funeral was distributed with the symbol of the Islamic Health Organization.
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עלי מחמוד א-שיח עלי
עלי מחמוד א-שיח עלי
Invitation to funeral: on left side without Hezbollah insignia, on right with Hezbollah insignia
Adraee wrote in Arabic, "What is Hezbollah trying to hide about the 'civilians' who were allegedly killed while staying at a medical center in southern Lebanon? What is Hezbollah trying to hide about their identity or the role of this medical center?"
At the funerals held on Friday, the organizational affiliation of the two seemed apparently clear. At the funeral of Sajd Ramzi Qasem, which took place in the town of Ayta al-Shab, the Hezbollah symbol was added to his photos. At the funeral of Ali Mahmoud al-Sheikh Ali, which took place in the town of Rashaf, residents could be seen waving the picture of the slain medic alongside Hezbollah flags.
This serves as a reminder of the appreciation that Hezbollah operatives in southern Lebanon are given in various institutions, including schools, and even when those killed and presented as innocent civilians. More often than not, it may be that terrorist operatives have assimilated into the civilian population.
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