El Al pays tribute to Gaza hostages, marking 100 days in captivity

Israeli flag carrier will change flight number of Sunday service to New York, coinciding with 100th day of Hamas' terrorist attacks against Israel

Iris Lifshitz Klieger|
Israeli airlines will mark 100 days since the start of the war on Sunday. Israel's flag carrier El Al announced on Thursday several actions taken by the airline to raise international awareness for the hostages held in Gaza.
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According to an announcement, "the flight most associated with the company - LY001 that departs at 1:00 (consisting of the number 100) from Tel Aviv to JFK Airport in New York on January 14, will be called LY100 to mark 100 days without them. The flight will be carried out on a 'Jerusalem of Gold' plane" The Stand With Israel sticker was pasted on it last month."
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שעון החול שמסמל את זמנם האוזל של החטופים
שעון החול שמסמל את זמנם האוזל של החטופים
Hourglass transported from Tel Aviv to New York for 100 Days events
(Photo: Courtesy of El Al)
The company also stated that "the background on the El Al website will also be changed to the message of the '100 days', and a dedicated announcement will be broadcasted during all the flights by the aircrews, which aims to echo the story of the 136 abductees to thousands of our passengers in Israel and around the world."
The largest Israeli airline also stated that "El Al has mobilized to fly the 'hourglass' symbolizing the running out of time for the abductees in Gaza to New York, in an operation aimed at raising global public awareness for the release of the abductees by placing it in central locations.
"The Hourglass, an original work of the Ramat HaShnaim organization, was placed about two weeks ago in the Bima Square in Tel Aviv. The clock was transported to the U.S. on an El Al flight in a complex logistical operation, as it weighs about 300 kilograms and is about three and a half meters tall." El Al mentioned that "The company flew hundreds of family members to diplomatic missions around the world at its own expense."
Israir announced that on all of the company's flights on Sunday, the air crews will ask the passengers for their attention and recite the prayer Acheinu Kol Beit Yisrael together for the return of the abductees. In addition, Israir will add a yellow ribbon on the company's website with the inscription Bring Them Home that will appear on every order for 100 seconds.
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מטוס של ישראייר עם כיתוב למען החטופים
מטוס של ישראייר עם כיתוב למען החטופים
Israir plane dedicated to the hostages' release
(Photo: Courtesy of Israir)
The prayer to be recited in the Israir flight:
Acheinu kol beit yisrael,
Han'tunim b'tzara uvashivyah,
Haomdim bein bayam uvein bayabasha,
Hamakom y'racheim aleihem
v'yotziem mitzara lirvacha,
umi'afaila l'orah
umishibud lig'ulah,
hashta ba'agala uvizman kariv.
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