Despite Netanyahu calling time-out on judicial reform, violent clashes with police persist

Police deploy stun grenades, water cannons against anti-reform demonstrators in Tel Aviv as they try to obstruct main highway; group of protesters in Jerusalem obstructs roadway, sets fire to dumpster, attacks Arab taxi driver

Gilad Yalon, Adam Kutub, Einav Halabi, Liran Levi|

Both proponents and critics of the government's proposed judicial reforms continued to clash with law enforcement well into the night following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's announcement that he was suspending the legislative process to pursue dialogue and build consensus regarding his desired amendments to the judiciary.
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The police deployed stun grenades and water cannons against the anti-reform demonstrators in Tel Aviv as some were seen gathering bricks intending to obstruct Ayalon Highway, a crucial thoroughfare.
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מבעירים מדורה בהפגנה על ההפיכה המשפטית בתל אביב
מבעירים מדורה בהפגנה על ההפיכה המשפטית בתל אביב
Anti-reform protesters light a fire on a road in Tel Aviv
(Photo: Gilad Yelon)
Meanwhile, a group of protesters in Jerusalem rioted, obstructing a roadway and setting fire to a dumpster.
The crowd attacked an Arab taxi driver who happened to drive through the area, causing heavy damage to his car. While trying to flee, he inadvertently struck another car, which resulted in minor injuries to a pedestrian's leg.
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המונית והנזק שנגרם לה ומהפרות הסדר ברחוב
המונית והנזק שנגרם לה ומהפרות הסדר ברחוב
Protesters torch a dumpster during a riot in Jerusalem
(Photo: Israel Police)
Law enforcement officials were working at the scene to disperse the rioters and clear the roadway.
Prior to Netanayhu's announcement, tens of thousands of pro-government protesters descended on the Supreme Court building in Jerusalem to voice their support for the government’s push to reshape the judiciary.

Netanyahu's coalition mustered a 64-seat majority in the 120-strong Knesset in the latest election last November and made its plan to reshape the judicial system the fulcrum of its legislative agenda.
Incensed pro-reform protesters decried what they saw as selective enforcement by law enforcement against them as cops stopped them from obstructing a road, at times by force.
Meanwhile, some 2,000 reform opponents took part in a counter-protest nearby, some calling on the policemen to take off their uniforms and join the protesters. Another similar protest was taking place in Karkur, with some 5,000 demonstrators turning out.
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