Arab world follows ICJ as Israel accused of genocide

Qatari press reports on pro-Palestinian protesters crossing borders to demonstrate outside international tribunal some saying they are unable to do so in their European homes; some express thanks to South Africa for taking up their cause

Arab media outlets South Africa's insistence that Israel is committing "genocide" against Palestinians in Gaza and the subsequent suit they've brought forward in the ICJ, has captivated Arab media outlets, who unsurprisingly are presenting a somewhat skewed, pro-Palestinian outlook to their reporting.
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This interest now hits street level, as massive crowds gather outside the ICJ building in the Hague, some of them comprised with none other than Hamas hostage families.
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בית הדין לצדק ב האג הולנד
בית הדין לצדק ב האג הולנד
Pro-Palestinian rally at the Hague
Qatari newspaper, Al-Arabi Al-Jadid reported on Thursday that pro-Palestinian activists have similarly made their way to the Hague, hoding demonstrations while deliberations were being held inside. The paper said "The eyes of the world are to the Hague, to see of the ICJ will publish a preliminary decision and accept South Africa's request of stopping the war in Gaza".
The paper also spoke to Ameen Rajub, a German citizen of Palestinian descent, who spoke of how the demonstrations came together and its significance in conveying a message of support for the Palestinian people. The second message, he said, was to thank South Africa. "It's the only country that acts in the international arena for Palestine," he said.
And according to Rajub, the third message is to Germany, who he claims has barred him from protesting earlier in the war, forbidding him from using the term "genocide". He said he's here to tell Germany and all of Europe that it is indeed a genocide, and stressed his activism will continue regardless of the ICJ's verdict.
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בית הדין לצדק ב האג הולנד
בית הדין לצדק ב האג הולנד
Pro-Israelis marching outside the Hague
(Photo: Robin Utrecht / ANP / AFP)
According to Al-Jazeera's trial coverage, Israeli officials expressed concern the tribunal might accuse Israel of genocide. The Arab League confirmed its support for South Africa's claim, with Secretary General Ahmed Aboul-Gheit stating that the General Secretariat backs the South African effort. He also mentioned on X that while the Arab League as an organization cannot join the lawsuit, it considers it an important step in holding Israel to account.
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, comprising 57 countries, including members of the Arab League, expressed support for the lawsuit against Israel. Libya's Presidential Council and other member states published messages of support. Tunisia, while not joining the lawsuit, confirmed it would present oral arguments.
Jordanian Foreign Minister, Ayman al-Safadi, has said Jordan is working on preparing cases to handle "war crimes perpetrated by Israel", adding the Hashemite Kingdom backs South Africa's suit.
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דרום אפריקה טוענת בפני האג להוצאת צו ביניים נגד ישראל שידרוש להשעות לאלתר את פעולותיה הצבאיות בעזה
דרום אפריקה טוענת בפני האג להוצאת צו ביניים נגד ישראל שידרוש להשעות לאלתר את פעולותיה הצבאיות בעזה
Former Israeli Supreme Court Chief Justice, Aharon Barak, on the ICJ panel
(Photo: UN)
The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar chose to focus on Aharon Barak's presence on the panel of judges, saying that while on one hand it's a sign of respect to Israel in the international arena, it could also be interpreted as Israel wanting to "play the victim". The article said if the verdict goes against Israel, the ICJ will be judged on how this affects things in practice.
Al-Jazeera said that should a verdict be made against Israel, it could substantially impact its international standing, more so than ever if it does not abide by the court's ruling.
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