Palestinian worker hurt by Gaza rocket at Ashkelon factory

Rocket barrage by Islamic Jihad leaves worker from Hebron lightly wounded, while in Sderot, family escapes unharmed after a rocket landed in their yard; another projectile falls on residential street

Meir Turgeman, Matan Tzuri|
A rocket launched from Gaza landed Sunday evening in a factory in Ashkelon, lightly wounding a Palestinian worker employed there.
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  • Another rocket landed near a home in Sderot. The family living there were inside their shelter and escaped unharmed.
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    נפילה בשדרות
    נפילה בשדרות
    Debris outside a home in Sderot after a rocket landed there
    Shortly before a negotiated truce was to come into effect, the Islamic Jihad launched 50 rockets at Israel, targeting communities from those close to the border and all the way tp Tel Aviv.
    The Iron Dome intercepted most of the rockets aimed at the center of the country and no injuries were reported there.
    Earlier on Sunday, a rocket fell on a residential street in the southern city of Yavne.
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    רקטה שנפלה ביבנה
    רקטה שנפלה ביבנה
    Rocket debris in Yavne
    (Photo: Israel Police)
    "This event that you see in front of your eyes is another example of the need, in the case of a siren, to get to the shelter within 60 seconds and wait the full ten minutes," said Yavne Deputy Mayor Dr. Ehud Weizmann.
    "Turns out it's life saving. Luckily, as we see here, it fell on a road and there were no casualties, no significant debris, we will continue to prepare and take care of whatever need be," Dr. Weizmann referred to the fallen pieces of a rocket in the local neighborhood.
    Rocket interceptions pictured from Ashkelon
    (Photo: Eric Marmor)
    Commander of the Shfela (the range of low hills between the coastal plains and the Jerusalem mountains in central Israel) District Police Brigadier General Ronen Avniely, said it was a miracle that there were no casualties.
    "The public is hearing to the instructions and entering the shelters and that way the metal rocket shrapnel fell on a road of empty of cars in the center of the neighborhood in Yavne," he added.
    Koby, a local resident, said that the missile fell very close to him: "We heard a siren, ran in the direction of the shelter and then heard a boom. We went out to the balcony, saw that it fell, waited a bit and went down and here you see a big mess. Luckily it fell between two cars and no one was passing by there."
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    שרידי נפילות במועצה אזורית אשכול
    שרידי נפילות במועצה אזורית אשכול
    Ruins of fallen rocket in Eshkol
    Shrapnel and rocket debris fell in several other residential areas in Israel, causing damage to vehicles and setting fires. MDA troops have attended to four individuals that were mildly injured on their way, and to several were treated for shock in Be'er Sheva, Netivot, Ness Ziona, Yavne, and Rishon LeTsiyon.
    Earlier on Sunday, a rocket fell in Eshkol Regional Council and caused damage to a vehicle and to property. An electricity line was also hit, causing power outages in several towns. Additionally, an interceptor from the Iron Dome fell in one of the residential towns and caused mild damage to several homes.
    Rocket falls in Eshkol
    Meanwhile, the IDF continues its rigorous operation in Gaza. A military spokesperson said on Sunday that 11 positions of the Islamic Jihad faction in Gaza were destroyed by Israeli fire in the past day and that nine rocket launching pads were attacked overnight.
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