Watch exclusive footage: Tens of millions of shekels nabbed in raid of suspected terror funders

Security forces arrest 21 Palestinians, confiscate bills from money changers thought to fund Hamas and Islamic Jihad in West Bank and Gaza

Joint operation confiscates tens of millions of shekels from terror hotspot
(Video: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)

In a joint and unprecedented operation, the IDF, the Police's Lahav 433 cyber unit, Israel's Border Police and the Shin Bet confiscated tens of millions of shekels meant for funding Hamas throughout the West Bank and mainly in Jenin, Tulkarm and Ramallah on Thursday. In addition, the forces confiscated safes, documents, recording devices and telephones.
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The raids were prepared over several weeks including in intelligence gathering was carried out as soon as the order was given. At 1 a.m. soldiers raided several money changers across the West Bank, arrested 21 suspects and confiscated the money, intended for Hamas and terror activity.
During the raids an IDF aircraft attacked an armed terrorist squad in Jenin, that was shooting at the troops. Terrorists who threw explosives, fire bombs and stones at the forces were also struck. According to the Palestinians, at least one person was killed and 14 others were injured as a result.
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תיעוד ממעצרי מבוקשים והחרמת כספי טרור ביו"ש
תיעוד ממעצרי מבוקשים והחרמת כספי טרור ביו"ש
IDF confiscates tens of millions of shekels from Judea and Samaria terror strongholds
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
"The purpose of this operation is actually to take down the Hamas' money mechanisms used to carry out terrorism," a security officials said. "We are doing this by cutting off the main money flow channels."
Another official said the raids were part of the IDF's Central Command war on terror groups including Hamas. "The economic damage to Hamas is extremely significant and directly affects its ability to produce carry out terror attack on the West Bank."
The operation was part of the economic war against the terrorist organizations, which is conducted alongside the Gaza war against Hamas terrorists. As part of the operation, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant decided to declare a West Bank chain of money changing stores, terrorist organizations because they were used to n transfer money to Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
According to officials' statements, the the money changers committed fraud when they worked to finance terrorism while falsely presenting themselves as providers of legitimate financial services. Among the suspects detained were managers of offices associated with Hamas, who operated for a long time under the auspices of money transfer companies and institutions.
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IDF sign reads financing terrorism = terrorism
IDF sign reads financing terrorism = terrorism
IDF sign reads financing terrorism = terrorism
(IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
Palestinian networks posted photos of the aftermath of the IDF operation. One sign left by the IDF read: "This money changer helped finance terrorism. The IDF will continue to confiscate terrorist funds everywhere. Financing terrorism = terrorism." Another sign read: "The IDF made a decision to act against anyone who serves the Hamas terrorist organization. This place was closed because it serves Hamas, in violation of IDF policies." The IDF even left a phone number for Palestinians who wish to report suspicious conduct that they encounter, in order to prevent businesses from closing.
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