'South Africa is Iran's useful idiot'

Rabbi Warren Goldstein says South African government is on the wrong side of history, in support of Iran and its proxies – Hamas and Hezbollah – while also encouraging violence against Jews and innocent people worldwide

Rabbi Warren Goldstein, the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, known for his generally calm and amiable demeanor, is now openly criticizing his government. He is so impassioned that he has instructed his flock to change the prayer for the wellbeing of the Pretoria government that was traditionally recited in synagogues across the country until October 7.
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"This government is on the wrong side of history. Its support for Iran and its proxies – Hamas and Hezbollah – encourages global jihad and harms Jews and innocent people worldwide," rabbi Goldstein said.
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Rabbi Warren Goldstein
Rabbi Warren Goldstein
Rabbi Warren Goldstein
"It's impossible to pray for such a government. The Jewish community in the country, numbering around 70,000, has been in an uncomfortable position since the Hamas terror attack. They essentially live in a country leading the international struggle against Israel."
Goldstein contends that South Africa is Iran's "useful idiot" and that everything that has happened since October 7 is not related to the Palestinians or a Palestinian state. Instead, it is tied to Iran's aspirations to destroy the State of Israel.
According to him, "South Africa is a tool for Iran or a willing participant in these malicious plans. Allowing Hamas offices to operate freely in Cape Town is not just a betrayal of Israel and democracy but also an affront to Christians in Africa. What Iran is doing is spreading global jihad in Africa, causing more killings and suffering than anywhere else in the world."
"African Christians are being murdered simply for their religious beliefs, and this is not just a media story. Israel is at the forefront of defending the forces of good, and if we abandon it, it will usher in a dark period of barbarism and irrationality. This South African government that supports Iran is part of a pattern of behavior that turns its back on biblical values."
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נשיא דרום אפריקה סיריל רמפוזה
נשיא דרום אפריקה סיריל רמפוזה
President Cyril Ramaphosa
(Photo: AP)
Rabbi Goldstein primarily blames President Cyril Ramaphosa and his party, who, since the Hamas attack, have not uttered a single word of condemnation for the massacre, the violence, and the assault against Israeli civilians.
In a speech at a rally in support of Israel, Goldstein directly addressed Ramaphosa, saying, "Mr. President – you are not South Africa, it does not belong to you. It belongs to the citizens of the country, 60 million people of faith, justice, and morality, and we reject the actions of the government. It is not in our name or the name of the citizens of this country. These people will be judged by history and by God for supporting evil. They support wild evil that the whole world has seen. Not even saying a word about the massacre and the violence? They simply lost their soul."
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