Footage shows UNRWA employee kidnapping body on October 7

CCTV recordings show UNRWA relief worker Faisal Ali Mussalem Al Naami abducting body into his pickup truck with the help of a Hamas terrorist

Defense Minister Yoav Galant revealed on Friday details on 12 UNRWA employees who participated in Hamas’ massacre on October 7. New footage recently uncovered shows one of the relief workers – 45-year-old Faisal Ali Mussalem Al Naami — abducting a body from Kibbutz Be’eri.
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The footage was released in The Washington Post after Gallant presented a photo of the incident during his statement. Naami – a UNRWA relief worker who was in fact a Hamas terrorist - was seen collecting the body into a vehicle together with an armed terrorist and driving away from the scene. Ynet chose not to publish the footage due to its graphic nature.
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עובד אונר"א חוטף גופה מבארי
עובד אונר"א חוטף גופה מבארי
Footage of Ali Mussalem Al Naami abducting body on October 7
(Photo: The Washington Post)
The body was abducted at 09:30 a.m., at the entrance to the kibbutz - where the bodies of three men who were shot dead were lying outside their car. Naami and the armed terrorist spread a blanket in the back of the off-road vehicle they arrived with and put one of the bodies inside.
They are then seen rummaging through items scattered on the street, looting a cell phone and a hat - and driving away, less than three minutes after arriving. It’s unclear why they didn’t abduct other bodies, or if the body they are seen taking in the footage was taken into the Gaza Strip.
The Washington Post noted the footage provides a fuller picture than Gallant’s brief description, according to which Naami "was involved in the abduction of an IDF soldier from Be’eri." Israel also accused Naami of belonging to the Hamas’s Nusayrat battalion.
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מצגת - מעבר ארז, בבוקר ה-7.10, בו ניתן לראות כיצד חובשי ״הסהר האדום הפלסטיני״ סוחבים מחבל נוח׳בה שנפצע.
מצגת - מעבר ארז, בבוקר ה-7.10, בו ניתן לראות כיצד חובשי ״הסהר האדום הפלסטיני״ סוחבים מחבל נוח׳בה שנפצע.
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
The news outlet wrote it was able to identify Naami last month by using Israeli classified documents, and "The Post found images of Naami online and then used facial recognition software to find a likely match for him in footage from Oct. 7. The Post found other indications pointing to Naami as the individual in the footage.”
The report also noted that the footage shows a Nissan Terrano II vehicle matching the model of the car with which Naami was seen on his social media posts.
Gallant said Friday that Israel has information based on military intelligence indicating that over 30 UNRWA workers actively participated in the massacre and assisted in the abduction of Israeli residents and soldiers.
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