Hamas religious scholars: Jewish men, women, children - everyone is fair game

IDF releases booklet of religious rulings found by troops in Khan Younis which justifies attacks on all Israelis, unequivocally contradicting narrative terror group itself seeks to promote it doesn't harm non-combatants
IDF Arabic spokesperson Avichay Adraee posted on Monday photos of a booklet of religious rulings by Hamas-affiliated clerics found by IDF soldiers in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis which justifies the killing of all Jews – men, women and children.
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The booklet, issued by the Shura Council, the institution advising the Islamist terrorist organization on religious matters, was signed by Ahmad Bahar, the chairman of the council who was killed in an IDF strike. The contents of the booklet, distributed among Hamas terrorists, unequivocally contradict the narrative the terror organization itself seeks to promote.
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ספר פסוקי ההלכה של מועצת השורא של חמאס: אין הבדל בין גברים, נשים, זקנים, ונערים- את כולם אפשר לתקוף
ספר פסוקי ההלכה של מועצת השורא של חמאס: אין הבדל בין גברים, נשים, זקנים, ונערים- את כולם אפשר לתקוף
Cover of the booklet of religious teachings found in Khan Younis
According to the IDF spokesperson, the book compiles articles, religious rulings and guidelines for terrorists on how to act and treat the enemy, hostages, and when they are permitted to kill. Among other things, it says, "There is no difference between men, women, the elderly and children - all can be attacked."
Last month, Hamas released a manifesto in both English and Arabic, purportedly justifying its actions on October 7. In a document, Hamas claimed it had no intention of harming innocent civilians and, contrary to evidence, that the terror organization does not target hostages. Furthermore, it was asserted that the terrorists were not permitted to kill non-combatants during the invasion.
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