Hezbollah deepens rocket, drone attack on northern Israel after commander axed

Sirens blare on shores of Acre in first since December as Hezbollah claims responsiblity for recent wave of attacks in retaliation for assassination of elite commander Mohammad Khalil Atiyeh
Rocket alerts blare in Acre
(Video: Tzachi Cohen)

Hezbollah claimed responsibility on Tuesday for firing rockets and attack drones toward Nahariya and Kiryat Shmona, asserting that the targets were military. The terror group also stated that the attack was in response to Israeli strikes in southern Lebanon, and the assassination of a Hezbollah commander.
Along the shores of Acre, sirens blared for the first time since December. Videos captured swimmers scrambling in panic, some fleeing the beach during the alerts.
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אזעקה בחוף עכו
אזעקה בחוף עכו
Acre rocket alerts
Amid the chaos, Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese network Al Mayadeen claimed after the firing into the northern region that "an Israeli military target had been struck by an attack drone fired from southern Lebanon," adding that "the target was hit."
Following the firing on Israel's north, the Israeli Air Force launched a series of strikes against Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon. Sirens warning of rocket fire were also activated in the community of Margaliot in Upper Galilee.
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