Israel ranks among top 20 countries with most billionaires

Israel adds nine new billionaires despite war, according to Hurun global wealth ranking; even the veterans on the list improved their positions
Despite the ongoing war, Israel has climbed the Hurun ranking of countries with the most billionaires, considered alongside Forbes as a leading indicator of global wealth.
Last year, Israel almost cracked into the top 20, tied with the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, but this year it surpassed them, climbing three places to 18th with 29 billionaires, an increase of nine billionaires from the previous year. Following Israel are Spain and Sweden, with last year's Middle Eastern neighbors trailing in the ranking.
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אדם נוימן (מימין), אייל עופר וטדי שגיא
אדם נוימן (מימין), אייל עופר וטדי שגיא
Teddy Sagi, Eyal Ofer and Adam Neumann
(Photo: Orel Cohen, AP, Anne-Sophie Heist)
Most Israeli billionaires saw their wealth jump this year. The wealthiest Israeli in the ranking is Miriam Adelson and her family, who are placed 36th (a drop of two spots from last year) with $35 billion, including her son Matan Adelson, the owner of Hapoel Jerusalem.
Following her is Eyal Ofer with $19 billion, ranked 92nd globally, up 16 places. His brother Idan Ofer is ranked 122nd with $16 billion, a leap of 192 spots, and Liora Ofer is at 1949th with $1.8 billion, jumping 242 places. Stef Wertheimer and his family fell three spots to 309th with $8.2 billion.
Israeli-Russian gaming tycoons, brothers Dmitry and Igor Bukhman, are ranked 402nd with $7.1 billion each. Banking mogul Shari Arison stands at 318th in the world with $8.1 billion, climbing 142 places. Her brother Micky is at 486th with $6.3 billion, up 97 places. Real estate mogul Teddy Sagi has risen to 655th, up 95 places with $4.9 billion. Micky Federmann is ranked 758th with $4.4 billion, dropping 8 places in the ranking. Gil Shweid is at 812th with $4.2 billion, ascending 145 places. Shaul Shani is at 880th with $3.9 billion, up 21 places. Arnon Milchan has jumped 134 places to 900th with $3.8 billion. Yitzhak Tshuva is at 988th with $3.5 billion, rising 46 places.
New entrants on the list include Dudi and Drorit Wertheim, owners of Coca-Cola Israel, with $2.4 billion and $1.4 billion respectively. Former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann has reached the 1,502nd spot with $2.4 billion, making a meteoric rise of 819 places. Shmuel Harlap has dropped 167 places to 1,632nd in the world with $2.2 billion. Shlomo Kramer is at 1,716th with $2.1 billion, sharing the honor with Dan Gertler, who climbed 68 places, and Morris Kahn, who rose 171 places. Amnon Shashua is valued at $1.8 billion, up 28 places to 1,949th. Marius Nacht has climbed 283 places to 2,038th with $1.7 billion, sharing the spot with Ziv Aviram, who has risen 30 places from last year.
The Azrieli family has several representatives: Dana at 2,038th with $1.7 billion, Naomi and Sharon with $1.3 billion each. Oren Zeev is also at 2,573rd with $1.3 billion. Mori Arkin is at 2,017th with $1.6 billion, up 20 places. Tzadik Bino and his family are at 2,418th with $1.4 billion, up 33 places. The wealth of physicist-investor Yuri Milner has significantly diminished according to the ranking: he has fallen 265 places and now stands at 1,949th with $1.8 billion. Shlomo Eliyahu is listed as a new entry with $1 billion, ranked 3,058th.
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