Threads reaches 100 million users in under a week, sets new record

It took only 4 days for Meta's Threads social network to surpass the 100 million users benchmark, setting a new record as the fastest-growing consumer app in history

Over 100 million users have registered for Threads, the new social network by Meta, within just four days of its launch. This surpasses the popularity of ChatGPT, the popular chatbot by OpenAI, which reached the same number of users within two months, making Meta's application the fastest-growing consumer app in history.
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Threads, dubbed the "Twitter Killer" due to its resemblance to Elon Musk's social network, is a micro-blogging app based on the Instagram platform owned by Meta. It allows users to easily import their data and contacts from Instagram and enables the publishing of texts up to 500 characters, as well as photos and videos up to five minutes long.
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מארק צוקרברג
מארק צוקרברג
The meteoric rise of Threads has even taken Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg by surprise
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Within hours of its launch on Thursday, millions of users around the world, including politicians, influencers and brands, registered for Threads. In Israel, notable politicians such as Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz can be found on the new platform, along with celebrities like Gal Gadot and Noa Kirel.
However, due to regulatory challenges, the social network has not yet been launched in the European Union.
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Threads על רקע הלוגו של טוויטר
Threads על רקע הלוגו של טוויטר
Threads is taking on Twitter
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The meteoric rise of Threads has even taken Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg by surprise and has led to legal action from Elon Musk. Over the weekend, Musk's attorney demanded that Meta immediately cease the operation of Threads, claiming that the company recruited dozens of former Twitter employees who revealed company secrets of the competing social network. In response, Meta argued that "there is no former Twitter employee in the Threads engineering team – it simply does not exist."
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