GWM showcases electric Aura 07 model heading to Israel

Drawing inspiration from Porsche, the model's lackluster engine leaves more to be desired out of a new competitor in the Israeli automobile market

Yoel Schwartz|
Chinese auto manufacturer Great Wall Motors (GWM) is set to market its Aura 07 model, a new large electric sedan posing a possible competition to the Tesla Model 3, BYD e6, and others.
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The model has been on the market in China since late 2022, but only received European regulatory approvals last year, paving the way for its arrival in Israel as of April, as one of the first countries in the European market with initial deliveries expected toward late April to early May.
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Aura 07 model
Aura 07 model
Aura 07 model
The model was known as Good Cat and Lightning Cat in China, but the manufacturer decided to abandon the feline names and instead is calling it 07. It’s worth noting that initially, the Israeli market deviated from the name changes announced in Europe, but at the beginning of 2024, the manufacturer informed the Israeli importer that the change would also apply locally.
The model’s design somewhat resembles Porsche and Volkswagen models (beetle), both of which are made in Germany. And that's not surprising at all. Aura's chief designer is Emanuel Derta, who was the former chief designer of the German sports car manufacturer.
It is based on the Lemon platform designed for all propulsion systems in the model including gasoline and plug-in hybrids and offers larger dimensions than those of the Tesla Model 3, and closer to those of the Hyundai Ioniq 6. The Aura 07’s length stands at 487 cm, width at 186 cm, and height at 150 cm. The wheelbase is identical to that of the Tesla Model 3 – at 287 cm.
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 Aura 07 interior
 Aura 07 interior
Aura 07 interior
The car’s passenger and interior areas feature a "12.3 multimedia screen and a digital "10.25 heads-up display (HUD), with round frames creating an analog feel. The model’s accessories include a panoramic sunroof, leather seats with a heating option, ventilation and massage option, windshield display, electric tailgate with opening via leg gesture, automatic parking assistance, and more.
The model’s active safety systems are based on a camera and radar combination and include the usual features like autonomous braking for the front and rear, lane correction, and more.
In Israel, the model will be offered with a single front-wheel-drive electric motor producing 204 horsepower (hp), which is significantly more modest than the Tesla Model 3 and most other competitors. In Europe, the model will also be marketed with a dual-drive version which may come to Israel at a later date, featuring engines producing 408 hp and 0 to 100 km/h acceleration of 4.3 seconds.
The model has two range versions available, 440 km with a 63.9 kWh battery and 570 km with an 83.5 kWh battery. Information on fast charging rates hasn’t been provided yet, but according to tests, filling the battery from 10% to 80% will take 36 minutes.
Israelis love Chinese electric cars, as seen from sales figures in the country. But the Aura Funky Cat (now called 03) that arrived in Israel about a year ago didn’t enjoy the big breakthrough it hoped for - mostly because of stability and pricing.
For the Aura 07 to succeed more than its sister model, it needs more aggressive pricing and one that directly addresses real competitors in the market while also taking into account its relatively modest engine specifications. After all, the Israeli market is flooded with new models at an ever-increasing pace. They can’t be ignored.
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