Michael Rapaport slams Golden Globes actors for not mentioning Israeli hostages

The American actor says he was embarrassed that not one actor, director, producer, or comedian said one thing, all that billion-dollar Barbie feminism, and not one person said a word

Dennis Bihler|
American actor and avid Israel supporter Michael Rapaport criticized his fellow actors for their complete silence about the hostages held by Hamas during the Golden Globes on Sunday.
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Rapaport, who spent a week in Israel last month and participated in a skit on the satirical series "Eretz Nehederet," has been among the most outspoken critics on social media during the anti-Israel protests and commentary that occurred throughout the war.
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מייקל רפפורט נואם
מייקל רפפורט נואם
Michael Rapaport speaks during a protest to release Israeli hostages
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“I’m embarrassed that not one person said one thing, unless I’m mistaken at the Golden Globes the other night, about the 133 hostages that were kidnapped in broad daylight from Israel on October 7th,” said Rapaport in an Instagram video post.
“All that billion-dollar Barbie feminism and all these young conscious actors and actresses and there’s [the] hostages that are the exact same age as them. And not one actor, not one director, not one producer, not one comedian.... actors, artists are known to speak out speak, speak out about everything. And not one person said a word. I’m not naming names because nobody said anything.”
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Golden Globe
Golden Globe
Golden Globe
(Photo: AP)
Leading up to Sunday night's awards ceremony, advocates of the hostages endeavored to provide attendees with yellow ribbon pins to attach to their red carpet attire. The Bring Them Home movement, dedicated to advocating for the Israelis held in Gaza, is distributing these pins as a part of their ongoing initiative to maintain public awareness of the hostages.
However, most of the stars on the red carpet refrained from wearing the ribbons, including Israeli-born Natalie Portman.
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