World's largest Lego Hanukkah menorah assembled in Tel Aviv

Dozens of volunteers piece together towering sculpture from more than 130,000 bricks, measuring 14 feet in height and 14 feet in width
A Hanukkah menorah in Israel's coastal city of Tel Aviv is claiming the title of the world's largest hanukkiah made from Lego bricks.
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  • The candelabra, located in the new Lego store in central Tel Aviv, is the work of dozens of volunteers who assembled more than 130,000 bricks.
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    החנוכייה הגדולה בעולם מלגו – לגו סטור ישראל
    החנוכייה הגדולה בעולם מלגו – לגו סטור ישראל
    The world's largest Lego Hanukkah menorah, made from 130,000 Lego blocks, in Tel Aviv, Israel
    (Photo: Amir Yaakobi)
    Real estate magnate and engineer Amnon Marc Applbaum, who oversaw the measurements for the project, said the hanukkiah broke the world record, despite the lack of official confirmation. "It was built from over 130,000 bricks, with no adhesive or structural support other than the magical power of the Lego bricks themselves," he added.
    Lego Israel CEO Yoav Gaon said the company's "values ​​of creativity, imagination, learning, fun, and quality were brought to life through this incredible event, as hundreds of children, parents, and grandparents tried to break the Guinness World Record."
    "I am happy to share that the Lego Store Israel has built the world's largest Lego brick hanukkiah, measuring over 4.5 meters (14 feet) in height and [14 feet] in width," Gaon continued. “The sculpture is made exclusively of individual bricks and was assembled by children and families as part of a Lego Hanukkah festival,” he added.
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    החנות של לגו בישראל
    החנות של לגו בישראל
    Israel's official lego Store in Tel Aviv
    (Photo: Meirav Crystal)
    The store was the first official Lego store to open in Israel, welcoming its first customers in July. Guinness, which gave the green light to the Israeli franchise's bid for the world record, could take a week or more to officially certify the record.
    The world's tallest Hanukkah menorah, which isn't made out of Legos, was erected in Manhattan last week. It is 36 feet high and was created by Israeli sculptor Yaacov Agam.

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