Musician who survived 2015 ISIS attack in Paris sends support to Israel

Jesse Hughes, lead singer of the band Eagles of Death Metal, sends a special video in which he express his support and says he knows 'what type of evil we’re up against'

Jesse Hughes' video in support of Israel
(Video: Shotfut Goral)

American musician Jesse Hughes, lead singer of the band Eagles of Death Metal, who survived the terrorist attack at the Bataclan Theater in Paris in 2015, sent a video expressing his support to a special solidarity event that took place earlier this week in Tel Aviv's Habima Square.
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The event was held in solidarity with the 89 victims of the terrorist attack in Bataclan, which occurred eight years ago on November 13, 2015, and was the deadliest event in the coordinated terror attacks across Paris, claiming the lives of 130 people. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, during which Hughes and his bandmates managed to hide and were eventually rescued.
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ג'סי יוז
ג'סי יוז
Jesse Hughes
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"Like the rest of the world, on October the 7th, I watched with horror as the events unfolded, but in particular, the horror at the Nova festival hit home in a unique way,” Hughes said in the video. “My support of Israel has always been well documented and very well known. But I know exactly what type of evil we’re up against right now.
And attacking people who are celebrating music, and peace, and love, and life in such a beautiful place as Israel – to be attacked like that is one of the most profound evils there are, and I know it firsthand,” he added.
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Bataclan Theater in Paris
Bataclan Theater in Paris
Bataclan Theater in Paris
(Photo: AFP)
“So, I just want to make clear to you and the rest of the world, that without issue at all I fully support, believe in, and dance with you in the face of this evil you can’t let the bad guys win. You have to keep dancing, you have to keep smiling, you have to keep having fun. You can’t let them take it from you, and I know that you won’t.”
But for what it’s worth this old redneck right here loves you very much,” he added. “I stand very tall and firm with you, and if I can be of any service to you in any way, I’m at your disposal. We will be victorious, but remember to keep dancing, keep enjoying your life. We can never let the bad guys win. You can’t kill Rock n’ Roll. Boker Tov my friends.”
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