Popstar Eyal Golan collapses during performance

After only an hour on stage, the Israeli singer faints and calls off the show due to 'medical circumstances'; Golan's representatives promise disappointed fans compensation with a makeup show
Ran Boker|Updated:
Israeli singer Eyal Golan collapsed backstage on Monday night during his concert at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv, which resulted in an abrupt end to the highly anticipated event and the dismissal of the audience.
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Magen David Adom first responders arrived at the scene to provide treatment, and Golan was later sent home for additional tests.
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אייל גולן בהופעה בבלומפילד
אייל גולן בהופעה בבלומפילד
Eyal Golan
(Photo: Moti Kimchi)
Although the performance started off as usual, Golan had informed the audience at the beginning that he was feeling unwell and had considered canceling the show.
"I had a really bad cold, I have to tell you guys that five minutes before the show I was laying in the room and I said there is a good chance I won't go on stage. My kids came to me and told me 'Dad you have to go on, for all the people who came for you.' I am here on stage and doing what I can so that I can give you guys the best show possible," he said.
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Dudu Aharon
Dudu Aharon
Dudu Aharon
(Photo: Yuval Chen)
However, after about an hour, Golan left the stage during the concert, and Dudu Aharon replaced him. After Aharon performed two songs, a member of Golan's team appeared on stage and informed the audience that Golan was feeling unwell.
"He fainted for a bit up in his room, we will give it a few more minutes, we'll see if he can go on," he said. "If he can't, we'll do a makeup show."
Golan's representatives later released an official statement, stating that "in recent days, Golan has not been feeling well due to medical circumstances. Despite his medical condition, he decided not to give up on the two shows planned during Passover in Hangar 11." The official message added that those who purchased tickets will be compensated with a makeup show.
First published: 09:26, 04.11.23
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