Hail the darkness! Goth band 'Cradle of Filth' is coming to Israel

This Goth metal band was last in Israel in 2018 and already has a sizable local following, which is now reinvigorated by news of their impending February 10 concert in Tel Aviv; Early ticket sales are underway

Goth metal band, Cradle of Filth, is coming back to the Holy Land, performing in Tel Aviv on February 10. The band was last in Israel in 2018 and already has a sizable local following. This time, tickets start at 269 shekels, the equivalent of $70.
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In 1994, Cradle of Filth arrived on the scene with its groundbreaking album "The Principle of Evil Made Flesh," unleashing a malevolent force upon the world. But it was the band's savage triumph in 1998 with "Cruelty and the Beast" that cemented its unholy reign. The band's music videos, drenched in unbridled aggression, push the boundaries of acceptability, with some banished from the airwaves for their unrelenting intensity. Fueled by an insidious obsession, the band's albums delve into the twisted tales of infamous serial killers, plunging listeners into a chilling abyss of horror.
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קריידל אוף פילת'
קריידל אוף פילת'
They're baaack
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Guided by enigmatic frontman, Dani Filth, Cradle of Filth conjured a macabre and theatrical stage presence that became its unhallowed trademark. As the band ventured forth on itsr infernal path, the mucisians shed the shackles of their death metal origins, embracing the gothic metal realm with fervor. Their sonic tapestries, adorned with symphonic orchestrations and haunting choirs, add layers of grandeur to their malefic artistry.
The band's beautifully twisted mind has already unleashed 13 studio albums upon an unsuspecting world, the latest of which was released two years ago.
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