Police rush to filming of 'Eretz Nehederet' terrorism sketch

The actors dressed like Houthi terrorist commandos aroused the suspicion of naval police forces while filming in Eilat, and they arrived on the scene to make sure that these were not real terrorists

Eli Finish and Mariano Edelman dressed like Houthi terrorists during filming of sketch in Eilat

Cast regulars of Israel's "SNL"-like comedy show "Eretz Nehederet" (Wonderful Country) were dressed like naval commandos from the Houthi rebels in Yemen while filming a sketch in Eilat, leading Israeli naval police forces to rush to the scene.
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Comedians Eli Finish and Mariano Edelman went down to Eilat last weekend to film a skit lampooning the Houthis attempts to prevent ships traversing the Reed Sea to reach Israel, which included and sailing in a small boat waving flags of the rebel terrorists from Yemen.
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אלי פיניש ומריאנו אידלמן כחות'ים, מתוך הצילומים ל"ארץ נהדרת"
אלי פיניש ומריאנו אידלמן כחות'ים, מתוך הצילומים ל"ארץ נהדרת"
Comedians Eli Finish and Mariano Edelman dressed like Houthi commandos for an 'Eretz Nehederet' comedy sketch
The naval police forces in Eilat did not take any risks and arrived at the scene to check what the two soldiers in the boat were up to. After realizing that the men were filming a comedy sketch, they quickly left the scene.
Eli Finish himself told his friends about the incident. "All the best to the Israel Police, I understand them. Two eccentrics in uniforms and it isn't even Purim," the comedian said.
The show was set to be broadcast in Israel on Tuesday evening.

Eretz Nehederet has gained prominence around the world in recent weeks after airing several sketches in English lampooning BBC coverage of the Gaza war, the United Nations failure to condemn Hamas' sexual crimes against Israeli women and US college students attitudes toward Hamas and Israel. Last week, American-Jewish actor and comedian Michael Rapaport was a guest on the comedy show, appearing in a sketch that was a takeoff on the Harry Potter books and films, mocking the words of three prominent U.S. university presidents at a recent congressional hearing on antisemitism.

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