Eurovision signs vandalized around Malmo after Israel's participation approved

Pro-Palestinian activists graffitied Gaza-related slogans on the music contest's signs throughout the Swedish city in response to the confirmation of Israel's participation in Eurovision ;Israel is expected to bolster its delegation's security compared to previous years

After an arduous process of approving Israel's song for Eurovision 2024 and its subsequent confirmation, pro-Palestinian protesters graffitied Gaza-related slogans on the contest's signs around the city of Malmo, Sweden, which is hosting the European song contest in May.
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On Monday, Swedish authorities found spray-painted slogans supporting Palestine, such as "Free Gaza," along with red paint splattered on Eurovision signs in the city bearing the competition's slogan: "Music Unites." Israel is expected to bolster its delegation's security compared to previous years. "We must take into account the fact that this city is considered very antisemitic," said a source familiar with the details.
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גרפיטי פרו-פלסטיני על כרזות האירוויזיון במאלמו
גרפיטי פרו-פלסטיני על כרזות האירוויזיון במאלמו
Pro-Palestinian activists vandalize Eurovision signs in Malmo
(Photo, SVT)
Israel is not planning to take unnecessary risks and is prepared for any scenario, with the European Broadcasting Union also aware of Israeli security efforts and which may assist if necessary. A Shin Bet delegation has already left for Malmo to prepare security arrangements and will determine the amount of necessary security for the competition in May.
Eurovision week, which will include both semi-finals and the grand final, will kick off on May 5. Israel will participate in the second semi-final because the first coincides with the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day. The first semi-final will take place on May 7, with Slovenia, Iceland, Ukraine, Cyprus, Poland, Serbia, Finland, Lithuania, Portugal, Australia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Croatia, Ireland and Luxembourg competing. Additionally, the UK and Germany, which belong to the "Big Five" and automatically qualify for the final, as well as Sweden, last year's winner, will also perform in the first semi-final.
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עדן גולן, עטיפת הסינגל של Hurricane
עדן גולן, עטיפת הסינגל של Hurricane
Eden Golan
(Photo: Ran Yehezkel)
Israel will compete in the second semi-final, which will be held two days later. Eden Golan, Israel's representative, will compete against Austria, Albania, Estonia, Georgia, Malta, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Latvia, Greece, San Marino, Belgium, Armenia, Denmark and the Czech Republic. Additionally, Spain, Italy and France will also appear in the second semi-final.
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