Israeli model Mishel Gerzig ready to tie the knot with Real Madrid ace Thibaut Courtois in Cannes

Ahead of their wedding, Gerzig and Courtois celebrated with loved ones in southern France, where mentalist Lior Suchard amazed guests with his sensory performance, while DJ Itay Galo set the party atmosphere; Courtois' early departure from the Belgian camp fueled speculation that the wedding was near
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Amid whispers and anticipation, the long-awaited union of Israeli model Mishel Gerzig and Real Madrid shot-stopper Thibaut Courtois will grace the exquisite ambiance of Cannes Monday evening. We disclosed the news of the wedding four months ago, and now the enchanting affair has already begun in the southern coastal city, with the couple joined by friends and beloved family members from both sides of the nuptials.
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Under the embrace of the setting sun, Gerzig and Courtois, adorned in ethereal white attire, graciously welcomed their guests over the weekend on the picturesque beach. In an intimate and joyous gathering, they set the stage for the grand affair that awaits them Monday.
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מישל גרציג טיבו קורטואה חגיגות חתונה
מישל גרציג טיבו קורטואה חגיגות חתונה
Before they say 'I do'
(Photo: People Photography)
Reflecting their Israeli roots, the celebration exudes an essence of Israeliness, showcased through the mind-bending prowess of Israel's own Lior Suchard, who mesmerized the attendees with a private performance. The talented DJ Itay Galo, who will orchestrate the wedding's melodic journey, set the tone during Sunday night's vibrant soirée. The beauty team and production company, meticulously chosen for this momentous occasion, have traveled from Israel, ensuring an unforgettable experience.
Wisely regarded as one of the finest goalkeepers, Thibaut Courtois has faced scrutiny regarding the impact of his personal life on his professional prowess. Recent reports from the Daily Mail suggest that his early departure from the Belgian training camp has raised concerns among his teammates. Speculation arises that his impending wedding with Gerzig may be the reason behind his unexpected exit, leaving some teammates feeling "disappointed," as reported by the British tabloid.
This presented an opportunity for the British gossip site to revisit instances from Courtois' career where his personal life intersected with his professional endeavors. It harkened back to 2013, when rumors circulated that he had engaged in a relationship with the partner of his colleague, footballer Kevin De Bruyne – an allegation Courtois confirmed in his 2014 autobiography, "Keep it Simple."
The Manchester City maestro candidly reflected on the situation, saying: "Although I still find it hard to believe what Courtois did, we continue to maintain a professional working relationship." The book further reveals: "When the coach asked me whether he should be excluded from the team, I didn't feel it was my place to deny him the opportunity to play. Despite his wrongdoing, he remains a talented goalkeeper, so I gave my assent for him to stay."
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מישל גרציג טיבו קורטואה חגיגות חתונה
מישל גרציג טיבו קורטואה חגיגות חתונה
With Lior Suchard and Itay Galo in the background
(Photo: Instagram)
On another occasion, the Daily Mail highlighted the impact of Courtois' love life on his career during his time at Chelsea. Following his breakup with Martha Dominguez, his girlfriend and mother of his children, who returned to Spain with their two kids, Courtois faced a difficult decision.
Despite the London club's efforts to retain him, he ultimately chose to sign with the Spanish giants to be closer to his family. However, this move was met with discontent from some Chelsea fans who perceived it as him prioritizing financial gain over loyalty to the club.
As the wedding between Courtois and Gerzig takes place tonight, the presence or absence of his teammates will shed light on whether the speculations made by the British site hold any truth.
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