Film about Zionist founder of Israel's Lehi to be showcased at Toronto Festival

Despite the double strike by actors and screenwriters, the Toronto International Film Festival unveils the 60 titles to be screened at the gala, including 'Shoshana,' which tells the story of Lehi founder Avraham Stern

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) announced that 'Shoshana,' a film based on the founder of the Lehi Zionist armed organization, Avraham Stern will be showcased during the festival in September.
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The ongoing Hollywood double strike by actors and screenwriters has raised uncertainty regarding talent attendance at fall festivals. However, despite the challenges, it appears that the organizers of the TIFF are following through with the plan, regardless of the presence of major stars.
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מתוך הסרט "שושנה"
מתוך הסרט "שושנה"
Scene from the film 'Shoshana'
(Photo: The Toronto International Film Festival)
The plot of "Shoshana," by French screenwriter Laurence Coriat, and directed by Michael Winterbottom, unfolds in Israel and follows two British police officers, Thomas Wilkins (Douglas Booth) and Geoffrey Morton (Harry Marling), who attempt to locate the Zionist freedom fighter of the underground organization Lehi, Avraham Stern (Aury Elby). Their mission is to thwart the leader's plan for a rebellion against the British mandate. Wilkins and Morton's task successfully led them to trace Stern's footsteps, and their encounter with the Zionist leader and poet ended in his death.
As of now, the international program of the TIFF has not been revealed, and it remains uncertain if any Israeli films have been selected for the largest festival in North America.
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