Eden Golan, fresh off 5th place finish at Eurovision, rejects Israeli advocacy role

After her impressive performance with 'Hurricane' at Eurovision, Foreign Minister Israel Katz offered the Israeli starlet a European role helping with Israel's public diplomacy, but Golan has reportedly refused, preferring to focus on her musical career

Israeli songstress Eden Golan has decided to decline an offer from the Foreign Ministry to serve as special envoy for Israel in Europe to combat antisemitism, anti-Israel incitement and advocate for the release of hostages, Ynet has learned. Sources close to Golan confirmed this development, explaining that "her current focus is on music."
Eden Golan performance at Eurovision
(Video: EBU)
Golan, who recently finished fifth in Eurovision 2024, caught the attention of the Foreign Ministry due to her impressive efforts in the particularly hostile environment of Malmö, where the competition was held. According to ministry officials, Katz has been compiling a list of possible special advocacy envoys for the State of Israel in recent weeks, and Golan was among the candidates.
The idea was to appoint her as an advocacy envoy in Europe. Had she accepted, she would have represented Israel in European capitals, engaging with Jewish communities, universities and cultural events.
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עדן גולן נציגת ישראל לאירוויזיון 2024 במסיבת העיתונאים אחרי חצי גמר שני
עדן גולן נציגת ישראל לאירוויזיון 2024 במסיבת העיתונאים אחרי חצי גמר שני
Eden Golan at the press conference
(Photo: Gil Nechushtan)
Sources close to the singer confirmed the news to Ynet, saying: "Eden receives numerous offers from various entities, but her current focus is on her music and career." Since returning to Israel, Golan has performed on stage at Hostage Square, where she sang the original version of "Hurricane," which she performed at Eurovision – titled "October Rain," which was disqualified from the competition.
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