Disturbed lead singer on stage in Israel: 'F**k Roger Waters'

David Draiman, who is Jewish and an ardent supporter of Israel, received thunderous applause from the audience in Tel Aviv for speaking out against the anti-Israel fellow singer

Ran Boker|

The lead singer of the band Disturbed, David Draiman, spoke out strongly against fellow performer Roger Waters on Wednesday night during a performance in Tel Aviv.
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"F**k Roger Waters and all the antisemites," said Draiman, who is Jewish and an ardent supporter of Israel. In response, he received thunderous applause from the audience.
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דיסטרבד בהופעה
דיסטרבד בהופעה
David Draiman, lead singer of Disturbed, during a live concert
(Photo: Jeff Schear/GettyimagesIL)
His words come a just weeks after the storm caused by Waters, who during his concert tour flew a huge pig-shaped balloon over the audience, on which was printed various symbols such as a Star of David, and at other stages of the show the names of victims from around the world were projected on the screen including juxtaposing Holocaust diarist Anne Frank with slain Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. Later, the British Telegraph website confirmed reports that a police investigation is underway into Rogers' gestures on stage on suspicion of inciting hatred. Waters also wore a costume resembling an SS officer during some shows.
Draiman, who has Israeli roots, also sang the national anthem Hatikva while wearing a shirt with the Israel Defense Forces emblem.
This is not the first time Draiman has spoken out against Waters. In an previous interview with Ynet he said: "There will be some idiots with a big mouth like Roger Waters who decided to give up their medication and go against people online, and hang out with all kinds of anti-Semites. You know what they can do."
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