Amy Schumer doubles down on support for Israel amid backlash

Jewish actress shares post of Martin Luther King Jr. speaking in support of Israel and receives comment from MLK's daughter saying he would have called for a cease-fire and peace between Israel and the Palestinians

Omer Daniel|
One of the prominent pro-Israeli activists in recent weeks is Jewish American actress and comedian Amy Schumer who since October 7 has shown her full support for the country. Schumer maintains, shares and publishes social media posts to her more than 13 million followers on Instagram and millions on other social media platforms, describing and showing Hamas’ massacre of 1,400 people in southern Israel to the world.
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Schumer recently posted a video of a Martin Luther King Jr. on her X (formerly Twitter) account showing a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. in which he calls for support of Israel and denounces the spreading of antisemitism.
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איימי שומר
איימי שומר
Amy Schumer has shown her full support for Israel in the wake of the October 7 massacre
(Photo: Instagram)
Nevertheless, there are those sympathizing with Hamas’ cause online who continue to attempt to spread lies and misinformation about Israel’s war against the terrorist organization in Gaza.
After Schumer's post, MLK’s daughter, Bernice King, was attempted to clarify what her father’s stance would be on the war between Israel and Hamas.
"Amy: Certainly, my father was against antisemitism, as am I," King wrote on her X account. "He also believed militarism (along with racism and poverty) to be among the interconnected Triple Evils. I am certain he would call for Israel’s bombing of Palestinians to cease, for hostages to be released and for us to work for true peace, which includes justice."
In her post, King failed to mention the 1,400 Israeli victims and thousands of injured in the attack, nor Hamas’ constant rocket fire aimed at Israeli civilian populations.
Schumer herself has received a great deal of hatred and harassment for her strong support of Israel, from both pro-Palestinian users and antisemites alike. In most of her posts on the subject, she has disabled the option for comments.
However, on Wednesday, she deviated from her usual practice by publishing a more substantial post in which she addressed the situation in Israel and the responses she has received, allowing anyone interested to express their opinion in the post.
“Couple things. What I want is every hostage back. I want safety and freedom from Hamas for Palestinians and Israelis. I want safety for Jewish people and Muslims as well. Everyone. Just like you. I want peace. You will never see me wishing harm on anyone. Saying I'm Islamophobic or that I like genocide is crazy.”
She added: "We are all in a lot of pain. What hurts the most is that we all actually love each other. You hate Jews. You don't know why. I still love you."
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