What to do if you hear a rocket siren while driving

While many Israeli citizens are close to protected areas, there are also those who are required to travel in a private vehicle; This is how you can protect yourself when an alarm sounds while you are driving

Noam Rhein|
First, a clarification. According to the directives of the Home Front Command, there is currently no prohibition on road travel, with the exception of certain roads near the Gaza border which were already blocked to traffic by security forces. And yet, in many areas of the country, there are restrictions on gatherings, and workplaces can only operate if it is possible to reach a protected space within an appropriate amount of time. So, until further notice, it is recommended to stay near the protected areas.
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If you still travel by car, try to drive in such a way that you can hear the alarm of an incoming rocket. One way, for example, is to use an audio system at low volume with one of the windows partially open.
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תופס מחסה בזמן אזעקה
תופס מחסה בזמן אזעקה
If you can't reach a shelter in time, exit the car, lie down on the ground and cover your head
(Photo: Avi Rokeah)
Despite the illusion of security provided by sitting in a closed vehicle, when rockets fall it may become a dangerous trap. A shrapnel impact can cause the vehicle to catch on fire and broken glass can be scattered as a result of the impact. In addition, when a rocket hits the ground, the spray of shrapnel occurs diagonally, from the point of impact to the ground and upward so that one must be in a place as low as possible, lying on the ground and not sitting relatively high inside the vehicle.
Therefore, when a siren sounds, pull over to the side of the road safely, shut off the vehicle's engine, get out and help other passengers out. If you have enough time, try to find shelter in a nearby building. In the center of the country, the amount of time that you have until impact is about a minute and a half, and in many cases it is possible to reach a shelter. Try to reach the shelter of a nearby building, and if there is none - enter the stairwell and go up one floor.
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תל אביב
תל אביב
A rocket scored a direct hit on a car in Tel Aviv
(Photo: JACK GUEZ / AFP)
If there is no building nearby or if you do not have enough time to reach the building, move away from the vehicle to the side of the road. Try to locate any built-up element you can hide next to - a drainage ditch near the road, a bus stop or even a high sidewalk. Lie on the floor with your face to the ground and protect your head with your hands for 10 minutes.
The return to the car must be done with extreme caution because you are parked in an irregular manner near an active traffic axis and the danger of being hit by a passing vehicle is also significant.
Almost needless to clarify, but still - If in your surroundings there is a definite and immediate fear of terrorist shooting it is better to continue driving quickly to a safe area even when sirens sound, and only then to find shelter.
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