Dr. Phil slams US universities supporting Hamas

Popular show host releases a video in which he voices his support for Israel while condemning heads of US universities for tolerating pro-Hamas movements
Ran Boker|
American television host Phil McGraw, known as Dr. Phil, released a video Sunday titled "A message from Dr. Phil on Israel, Hamas, and our own moral compass," in which he clarified he stands with Israel in the war against Hamas, condemned the terrorist organization’s murderous acts, and strongly criticized leading universities in the United States for allowing student support of a terrorist organization on campuses.
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“The unconscionable attack on Israeli civilians by Hamas gunmen on October 7th was marked by murder, rape, torture, and kidnapping. On the bloodiest day in the country's 75-year history, an estimated 1,300 were killed over 3,300 wounded and approximately 150 Israelis were taken hostage,” McGraw said as the video showed various horrific scenes of the murderous attack.
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ד"ר פיל
ד"ר פיל
Phil McGraw
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Dr. Phil addressed the fact the attack marked the largest loss of life experienced by the Jewish people since the Holocaust. He also emphasized the fact Hamas is not a military, as many tend to believe. "The Hamas invaders were not soldiers, they were assassins,” he said. “The Hamas charter calls for the ultimate annihilation of all Israeli Jews, followed by the annihilation of Jews around the world. Sound familiar?”
McGraw added that regrettably, some individuals in America celebrated the horrible massacre and blamed those who were killed in it. This celebration, he said, also seeps into prestigious academic institutions in the country. He then strongly criticized the heads of U.S. universities for not taking responsibility for what happens on their campuses and failing to educate students to develop critical thinking skills.
The academic institutions mentioned in Dr. Phil's video were Yale, Harvard, Georgetown, UCLA, and Stanford, with the television host saying this issue is one that should raise red flags across the country. “The leadership of these supposedly highly sophisticated schools are so busy virtue signaling, that they have forgotten it is their job to teach their students to think,” he said, adding, “Tomorrow's leaders are profoundly demagnetizing our culture's moral compass.”
Later in the video, McGraw quoted the words of American Senator Cory Booker, alongside the historic speech by Martin Luther King Jr., in which both condemned violence and called out hatred.
“I'm no expert in geopolitics, but I don't need to be to immediately denounce the actions of Hamas as utterly sick, twisted, disgusting, and inexcusable,” he said. "You cannot negotiate with people whose only acceptable outcome is to murder you and your entire race. How is it not recognized as incredibly racist?”
In the video’s closing, McGraw noted the importance of the relations between Israel and the U.S., especially in difficult times.
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