Susan Sarandon links October 7 terror attack to 'what happened to Palestinians for 75 years'

The Hollywood actress, known for her radical left stance, hasn't acknowledged the Hamas massacre, nor the continuing rocket fire from Gaza, and did not mention the 240 hostages held by the terror group

Dennis Bihler|
American actress and Oscar winner Susan Sarandon took part in a pro-Palestinian demonstration in New York City last weekend, where she boldly asserted that Israel is committing war crimes. In a particularly impassioned statement, she said that the October 7 massacre did not occur in a vacuum.
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"I stand here in my cruelly given white privilege, to say that you don't have to be Palestinian to stand with the Palestinian people," Sarandon said. "You don't have to be Palestinian to understand that the slaughter of almost 5,000 children is unacceptable and a war crime. You don't have to be Palestinian to understand that war crimes are being delivered every single day, according to the UN and other humanitarian groups."
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סוזן סרנדון בטקס פרסי גילדת השחקנים, 2016
סוזן סרנדון בטקס פרסי גילדת השחקנים, 2016
Susan Sarandon
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Susan Sarandon has been known for her political activism for many years, earning a reputation as a radical left figure in American culture. Her remarks at the protest on Friday certainly aren't the first time she has taken an anti-Israel stance regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
"This is a time for education because, as the previous speaker mentioned, so many people don't understand the context in which this October 7 assault happened. They don't understand the history of what has been happening to the Palestinian people for 75 years. So this is an opportunity to educate people if they can have an open mind," she added.
The actress didn't acknowledge the Hamas massacre on October 7 or the continuing rocket fire on Israeli civilians. And all she did was post a photo of a bird that landed on her window sill on October 7, and only later did she begin to post various anti-Israeli posts, without mentioning any of the heinous acts committed by the Hamas terrorists, nor the 240 hostages held by the terror group.
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